What. about. sombra

Glad to know you’re fixing rein, he need bug fixes. Sombra tho? You mini reworked her then harshly and unjustly nerfed her into f-tier. She is full of game breaking bugs and? Anything? “fixed minor line of sight issues where lamp posts would cancel hack” better idea, revert the line of sight nerf! It was wrong to kill her this way. She’s supposed to counter tracer but since your glorious poster child can have an ability non stop her hack cancels every time. Any movement ability cancels hack. Her core ability is useless and i don’t know why you’re ignoring it.


The devs are fixing her bugs

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And after that revert her nerfs or shes a troll pick

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They introduced a bug on PTR for her, fixed it, and then introduced another one in the process…

I don’t really believe that they’re fixing her bugs? :confused:

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No they’re not lol they’ve had about what 4 months now?

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That’s pretty much how coding in general works. You fix a bug and some how seventeen more crop up.

Well they have fix 3 of her bugs and one of them being the small objects breaking hack

Do you have a source for this?

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Here you go :slight_smile:


2 of those are from PTR so i don’t care.

it’s not like they’re not gonna make it live …

The first and second bug were just added with the Sym rework …. it’s like droping something and than say “it’s ok, i pick it up”. The 3rd one is a very minor bug … never had it myself.

I’m sorry I want her bugs fixed i don’t care if shes unfun to play against, which is why she was killed off, every hero should be unfun to play against. Every single one. IF they’re fun to play against they’re underpowered. I love playing against sombra because it’s so easy to deal with her.


2 of those were introduced on PTR only (and they introduced a new bug in the process)

The hack one is a good start. But there’s so many other garbage things it breaks on. :confused:

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