Well, the chopping block is shaping up already

Jeff Kaplan said they would aggressivly target the meta to move players off it more often.

OWL just started and it’s looking like Rein/Dva or Rein/Orisa, sprinkling in Reaper, McCree, and Mei for DPS, with Lucio/Ana or Lucio/Moira for supports

These are shaping up to be the heros completely gutted with a nerf bat to move players off them. Although, they are open to reverting the nerf bat, but still.

I expect some severe nerfs to lucio speed, rein steadfast, dva boosters, mei wall, mccree in general OR hanzo/widow/solider/ashe buffs.


So it will be few hard overnerfs for D.Va, a better-late-than-never nerf for Mei and maybe a slap on a wrist for healers. Rein is privileged so he will never be nerfed.


Widow buffs? Why would they buff her right after they’d nerfed her on ptr?

I think you missread how’d he said that about hero pools, not balancing mate.

No, he definitely said they were going to balance aggressively, to get players off meta heros.

I also know i heard it correctly on the dev update.

The thing is, under the normal balance rules i would agree with this; but if they desperately want to shake up the meta and force players off these heros, Rein is definitely going to get dumpstered OR other tanks will receive very strong buffs to supersede how strong steadfast is.

As they showed with GOATS, they would try to nerf everything around Rein first. If it doesn’t work they would try to buff other barrier tanks again.

We might see Rein out of Hero Pool once in a while, but it definitely wouldn’t be the first tank there (D.Va will) and not often.

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I think devs are going to be balancing around annoying heroes being less viable.

Lucio for instance, isn’t annoying.

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Hanzo wasn’t used on the first day of overwatch league he is soo weak only good for killing low ranks!!!
GM pickrate 3.44% winrate 50.03% // gold pickrate 2.61% winrate 46.85%

Mei is so op , she destroys all low ranks!
gm 3.11% pickrate 52.50% winrate // gold 1.78% pick 50.61% win

Symm doesn’t need buffs!!!
gm pick 0.31% winrate 57.93% // gold 0.62% 58.64% winrate

Reaper was used on owl he is oppp , destroys low players!!
GM pickrate 0.63% winrate 50.83% // gold pickrate 2.82% winrate 49.42%

God i’m so happy the balance team ignores this forums.


“WOO JACKPOT!” “WOO! JACKPOT!” “WOO! JACKPOT!” “WOO! JACKPOT!” - Pencil thin Hitbox, speed boosting and wall riding around with completely unpredictable movements / hitbox manipulation off of the walls"


Add some boops into death pit on nearly every control map

kekw! You’re right! Can’t forgot about bloops!

But is that annoying, or “darn you got me, hah!”

Cause to me, it feels like every time Lucio got that Boop kill, he “earned it”, by opening himself up to strong counterplay.

Not to mention, there’s usually an audio warning ahead of time, if those skating noises. So it’s not like it comes out of nowhere.


why are you so angry?


I was mostly talking about Lijiang Tower Garden and (to smaller extend) Illios Lighthouse and Well and Nepal Sanctum

hanzo/widow buffs you lost me

The point of hero pools is to move the meta without requiring nerfs.

I got Halted off the bridge in Rialto the other day. I gave Orisa kudos in match chat. I like calling out when somebody made a great play against me like that.

But metas are specific and without the brutal nerfs (because thats what they are doing) you dont get a complete shift, you just get the “alternate” version of the meta.

Thats what they are doing now. They globally nerfed the shield, and then they specifically target Orisa+Sigma and give something to the others. WB was getting popular? Slam the Piledriver air control time, etc.

Expect more blunt approaches and surgical nerfs to anything that remotely seems overpowered from now on. Since they are NOT releasing heroes, the game is basically a experimental zone from here to December.

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I wouldn’t classify the Hammond change (or the others on ptr) as “brutal”

Me neither dude, thats why I said “blunt approach and surgical nerf”.
Its literally on the last sentence and the analogy points the “brutal nerf” was the global shield values and the surgic …

…did you read it actually? :thinking:

I did. If you back and look at it objectively, you will see why I interpreted it the way I did.

… .matter of perspective there. Just saying. Damn wall clinging, booping from freaking nowhere, suddenly everyone is a juggernaught of life… yeah… I’ve cursed the frog a bit.