Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

Has your stance on reworks changed since blizzcon or is there perhaps one planned for our favorite omnic minigun? :eyes:

prays for a way to make ‘pyro dodgeball’


No, it should be viewed as what it is, another sledgehammer. Removing a character for balance reasons is a sledgehammer according to your own words. This is true regardless of whether the players or developers wield said sledgehammer.

A very large amount of nerfs to one character is worse than either of those two options though, because it effects everyone, even in quick play and arcade.

Edit: I do want to thank you for engaging with the forums. I have often disagreed with your decisions, but communicating with those of us who are willing to do so will benefit both players and Blizzard.


You’re actually explaining why this mode may end up being successful. The point is to not allow players to figure out the meta. The point is to keep things fresh, keep players on their toes, and kind of in a way expose one trick frauds for what they are. The point of the mode is force player creativity instead of saying “Welp XXX hero is meta so must play them.”

Are you guys ever going to address the dps q times it’s been so long and literally nothing has changed clearly there is very little concern on this subject which is shocking

And why won’t anyone from blizz talk about the solution that many people have brought up in some form or another: high priority in dps q for getting a win as tank or support

Even if you say why you think it’s bad or why you won’t implement this solution that is better than saying nothing on something that clearly would fix the problem and work immediately that is also easy to implement. It is neglectful not to mention or discuss this solution to q times especially when you have discussed the idea of 132 being tested

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Historically, even when we have done consistent and dramatic balance changes, it takes the meta a long time to shift. We’d love it if balance or player creativity alone would shift the meta fast enough to meet player’s demands.


I’m getting too excited tbh


I’m very happy to see that you are very active on these threads lately and helping us understand a little bit more of these frequent updates!

If the Dev team decides to change up the Hero Pool functionality quickly, how would that effect the OWL Hero pool system?

Secret trick


Just out of curiosity, why is it that you guys are trying hero pools instead of player controlled hero bans?

Chaos isn’t a good thing, especially too much of it.
One day your best hero is available and you climb, but the next day they are banned so you fall.

is there a ban protection for popular heroes?
will lets say mercy, banned one week, than played alot next week, will she be protected not to be banned 3rd week again?
whats the plan?

we want this too. more likely for OW2 at this point…


I wanted to ask what would happen to PTR now that we have experimental play?


And if they keep pursuing their line of thinking they’ll lose players and revenue. If they are fine with that then they can stick with their guns and do whatever they want. If not they may need to reconsider their stance.

Is there a limit for saving replays?

Is there any other popular community requested feature we might end up seeing in ow2?

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My guess is they don’t trust player not to just ban the same heroes all the time. This way, at least it changes every week (or however long it ends up being) rather than everyone just banning… like hanzo for instance. Then no one gets to ever play hanzo. With the hero pool you don’t end up with a ban meta.


I’m sorry but I can’t see how any of this is “fun” or “exiting”. I love tanking. And outside my horrible D.Va I love using all the tanks.

I have built my play style around being able to flex between tanks depending on map, team comp, and enemy team comp.

Limiting the tanks I can use AND maps I play on is too much.

Perhaps some people hate facing certain hero’s and comps but I cant say I do. Sometimes it can be frustrating sure but not anywhere near where I’d want those hero unplayable. For me or the enemy.

I wont be returning for Season 21. If the community likes it then good for them but not this guy. Not with the limited amount of tanks we have.