Weird visual glitch and crashing

Hey all,

I’m not really sure how to describe this issue, so it’s hard to search for it, but it’s this weird black that creeps into the screen so all you get are the player outlines and UI elements. (tried to add a link to a video I took but am unable to).

Sometimes normal graphics comes back when you alt-tab / alt-enter to go from Windowed mode to Fullscreen.

This is often accompanied by the “Your rendering device has been lost!” crash.

Which has a matching Windows Event Viewer error of “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

Machine is a recently replaced brand new Razer Blade with 1070 MaxQ.
Restored to factory settings, windows updated to latest.
Nvidia drivers updated to latest, and OW installed from scratch.

I’ve tried variations on the restore/reset, like installing a clean Windows from an ISO, using Nvidia driver version provided by Razer, restoring from a backup, and things like that.

Nothing seems to be overheating as the temps say GPU is around 70-80C and CPU goes between 80-90C according to MSI Afterburner graphs.

Funny thing was everything was working flawlessly on my old Razer Blade that had to get replaced due to other issues, not GPU. So I’m thinking maybe it’s a faulty GPU this time?

That’s quite toasty for the CPU, and possibly the GPU. While the CPU will continue to run up to 100C, you’ve already reached the temperature where it will reduce performance to prevent further heat accumulation.

Did you try removing GPU drivers with DDU and reinstalling? If not, do that first. If you still have issues, add the DxDiag requested at the top of the forum:


Thanks for the tip. I will try the DDU and reinstalling again.

I know it does get toasty on these gaming laptops, and I don’t mind the reduction in performance due to throttling, which I was used to on the previous Razer Blade.

Maybe I should have hung on to that less faulty one instead of taking a gamble on this replacement lol… :upside_down_face: