Weird SR gains/losses

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could (try to) explain me something with SR gains/losses in competitive.

So back then when I was in gold, I was usually getting more SR for victories than losing for defeats. This way I could climb, slowly but steadily, with the same amount of wins and losses. When I reached platinum, the SR gains/losses more or less equalised, and I got used to the fact that I just have to win more games in order to go higher. I usually gain/lose 22-26 SR.

Then today, at 2850 SR, I got disconnected from a game. Reconnected after less than 2 minutes, but still lost 50 SR, and even though we ultimately won, I didn’t get anything for that. It’s understandable with how the system works.
Later, when my connection got more stable, I went back to competitive, and for the first game I gained 33 SR, which hasn’t happened since more or less season 9 or 10. I wouldn’t be very surprised if my game was on an extraordinary level, but it wasn’t - I think I was decent enough for our team to win, not without effort (I’m playing supports mostly). Then I lost 21 SR for a defeat, and then got another 30 SR for the next win, also on my usual level of play.
After a couple of games, the situation remains, and regardless of how the game went, I’m gaining a lot more SR. With five wins and four losses I gained 64 SR. It’s like getting as much in one game.

Why did, all of a sudden, SR system started rewarding me more generously?
Was it because of this disconnect issue, and it’s some sort of a… compensation now? Is it a bug that just happens to be here? Does the game now thinks I should be higher in rank (which would be weird, since I’m not even sure about that)? Early Christmas magic?

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The most likely explanation is that leaving acts like decay (from Diamond and above). That is, DC’s do not affect your MMR, only your SR, and that you have an SR buff afterwards. I’d like to confirm. Did you write down your SR each match? If yes, could you share it with me for the twenty games before and after the DC?


20 games prior to the disconnect at 2850, I was at 2660. Both SR losses and gains ranged from 22 to 26, exactly, with no exceptions.

2660: Win +22
2682: Win +25
2707: Win +24
2731: Win +23
2754: Loss -26
2728: Win +23
2751: Loss -22
2729: Win +23
2752: Loss -23
2729: Win +23
2752: Win +26
2778: Loss -25
2753: Loss -24
2729: Loss -26
2703: Win +26
2729: Win +26
2755: Win +24
2779: Win +24
2803: Win +23
2826: Win +24
2850: That’s when I disconnected. -50

After the disconnect:

2800: Win +33
2833: Loss -21
2812: Win +30
2842: Loss -22
2820: Win +30
2850: Loss -22
2828: Loss -22
2806: Win +29
2835: Win +29
2864: That’s the current state, haven’t played 20 games yet.

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Like the other guy said, leaving the game makes you lose 50 and it makes your mmr stay where it was before that game. It only appears to be giving you more since it looks like it’s at a 50% win rate but it will stabilize back to what it was after you lose like 2-3 in a row. It’s just trying to help you get back to where you were at but it’s nothing abusable. You get reported and ruins games for the others if you try to repeat this on purpose since you cant really get too much out of it.

Thanks, it looks like my hypothesis is correct. Please continue recording your games, so we can see win/losses return to normal. I’ve bookmarked this post.

Alrighty, thanks a lot for the explanations! Looks very probable now. I’ll add more scores when I play more games :slight_smile:

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I got the same issue after 3 disconnections in a row because of the new Ash update.
I have lost 150 sr and each win gave me 30-35 sr instead of the usual 20-25.

It’s trying to control things.

That’s the problem with OW.

It’s trying to control things.

It should never try to control things.

It should stick 12 players in a match, not even try to create even teams…

And let it all happen naturally.

Instead, they’re trying to control things.

And that’s why this game is known as one of the most infuriating experiences in all of gaming.

Here’s some more numbers for you:

After the DC:
2800: Win +33
2833: Loss -21
2812: Win +30
2842: Loss -22
2820: Win +30
2850: Loss -22
2828: Loss -22
2806: Win +29
2835: Win +29
2864: (here’s where we stopped last time) Win +28
2892: Win +28
2920: Win +27
2947: Loss -23
2924: Win +27
2951: Win +25
2976: Loss -22
2954: Loss -23
2931: Win +25
2956: Loss -23
2933: Loss -23
2910: Loss -24
2886: Loss -22
2864: Win +24
2888: Loss -22
2866: Win +26
2892: current state

The numbers seem to have stabilised after another couple of games. For now it’s back to typical 22-26 SR difference.

which heroes do you play and do you flex or rather stick to your main all the time? Is it Solo Q only?

It’s solo queue only. I play supports most of the time. Moira, Zenyatta, Brigitte, Ana, depending on the situation and the team needs. Occassionally Winston or Mei from other roles, but usually it’s a support that my teams are lacking, so it’s fine, I guess.

Thanks. I’ve added your result to my summary/analysis at 3000+ Skill Rating Data and Analysis (now including DCs) and How Competitive Skill Rating Works (Season 13).

P.S. If you happen to have your team and enemy team SRs for these games, that would be interesting as well. If you don’t have it, no worries. You’ve already been much more attentive to detail that 95% of the forums.

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