Week 9 Overwatch League Hero Pool Draw - Wrecking Ball, Mei, McCree, Brigitte banned


The Week 8, Day 2 Watchpoint Postshow is now live and will be announcing Overwatch League’s week 9 Hero Pool Draw. REMEMBER! This only counts for Overwatch League. The Competitive Season 21 Hero Pool runs through its own schedule through Thursday.

Rules of the Hero Pool Draw:

  • All heroes with 10% playtime or more in the past two weeks of league play will be eligible for the draw.
  • NEW RULE! The number of tickets each hero will have will be based on their average play time. The higher the playtime, the more tickets they will have.
  • The heroes removed will return to play in the next week and will be immune from being removed in the next week’s draw.
    • Week 6-8’s banned heroes were Winston, Lucio, Solider, Sombra
  • 1 tank, 2 damage, and 1 support hero will be banned from play in Week 5 of Overwatch League.

Heroes banned from Week 9 in OWL

Wrecking Ball




The week 9 schedule is not yet posted.

Make your predictions on which heroes will be banned.


As for my predictions, I am expecting Sigma, Mei, Tracer, and Ana to get the week off.

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Somehow…they’ll pull a vote for Solider 76. Don’t know how, but they will find a way just to spite me. :sweat:

That is not technically possible, Solider was banned last week and therefore is guaranteed to return next week.

I know. But after the last Hero Pool Draw…I feel they may have it out for my boi.
Then again…Sideshow isn’t pulling. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Brig definitely getting banned. She was played in every match.

Orisa, Brig, Mei, and Hanzo.

I’ll be surprised if it’s Mei and Mecree.

I vote Widow, Wrecking Ball, Mei and Zen.

Brig, Mei, McCree (again), and Sigma. My picks.

Does Mei even need to be banned? We saw from the first week of bans, without a Reinhardt, Mei all but disappears when Dive becomes dominant.

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Here we go everyone! The moment of truth!

Brig, Sigma, and idk which dps.

Soe’s Cat bout to get all the picks we want! :smiling_imp:

cat pick lul. Brig never gonna be banned confirmed :rofl:

Awww. Her cat’s name is Nori. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sigma not even eligible. Wait, did Soe even show Sigma tickets?

EDIT/UPDATE: The Zarya Pick was redacted due to a statistical error, the pick will be redrawn.

Welp. :neutral_face:

Time to put away the bubbles.

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:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: