We were promised information a half hour ago

All OP is saying is: don’t say you’re going to do something for your customers if you’re not going to do it.


I really wish they would do something special like 2x XP or comp points for the ones who want to grind the last month or something else. Its the last month. Come on…

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Bro you gota give up they are not going to release anything until they are forced to

I’m not asking for anything to release.

This is that I asked for.

Its a new season in ow1, not an ow2 press release. The more details were referring to things like the exact start and end dates

This sounds like it will be information about a new comp season, not OW2. Settle down.

Soon ™

news: the last season is started. Directly in the game. what else?

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Honestly, if there is some misunderstanding on our part and they don’t correct us then that’s just a huge L on their part.

I take it that they have something to say that just didn’t get finished in time and it’s coming very soon; like tomorrow at the latest.

If that’s wrong and they’re silent then it’s proof they don’t have any idea what being better communicators means.

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Yes. Idk why people thought something else is going to happen.

They see blue post and loses their mind without putting any context in what was this even replayed to.

They just see a gotcha moment, HA blizzard promised and didnt deliver. Nobody actually gives a flying fortress about information about a new comp season.

90% of the stuff in the forum is people overhyping themselves up about stuff that doesn’t exist and wasn’t promised.

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only thing I saw anywhere was confirmed 5 sub tier ranking system

I mean, if that was the case, why bother saying “we’ll have more details soon!” Seasons have been running the same way for years now, and the only difference with this one is it won’t run the standard length because of October 4th. Anyone could have put those details together.

I wasn’t expecting them to reveal anything dramatic. I just figured we’d learn something beyond “yes, there’s another comp season.”

It’s been 6 weeks of silence and there’s still important things to discuss. It’s not unreasonable to think that with Overwatch 2 30 days away, entering the final season of OW1, an NDA summit being lifted “next month,” and “details coming 11 AM PDT on Thursday” to expect more than “yes another season.” That much was obvious.

Like…why bother having a community manager respond if it’s really that banal?

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Sometimes the most obvious answer is the correct answer.

I’m realizing that, it’s just…

Man, Blizzard is lame.

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Well, they tweeted….

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Craig just put a competitive post saying a competitive 2.0 blog post will be coming soon, not sure how soon is soon though lol, but that’s what he was talking about in his earlier post most likely

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