We need to discuss Mercy, NOW

Well in general I’m sure there’s some way they could make Rez feel more fun, if they weakened Valk in some way to make it less of a no-brain mode.

I’ll use “Our” all I want, bucko, cause I ain’t the only one with these opinions. That’s why I made the post in the first place, to give MY take on it.

You said yourself, apparently there’s enough arguments to bw considered SPAM. Something’s up.

“Cause point and click doesn’t sound too enticing”
Then she shouldn’t be enticing from release till now as nothing changed.
Why do you play her if you never liked her?

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Mercy is in the best place she has ever been, as now the other supports have a fairer chance of being in a match without being pushed to switch to Mercy (and even then it still happens).

I really wish these “Mercy mains” would stop thinking they’re speaking for literally everyone about “fixing” Mercy, when in reality there are a lot of people out there who are happy with the changes and don’t want her to change anymore.

Mercy’s base mechanics have barely even changed at all, she’s still pretty much the same character as she was when released, and yet when she gets a few tweaks it’s as if she’s suddenly unfun even though her gameplay is still pretty much the same as it always has been.

I’m more of a lurker than speaker on these forums but geez… I’m so tired of Mercy threads.


Sure, there might be some way that I have not thought of myself. Personally I don’t really see a way, but I’m not a game designer. But you also have the Mercy hate aspect. Rez is a target for a lot of hate, and a catalyst for a lot of the insults directed towards Mercy players. That in itself makes the ability unfun to use and have. It is, and has been for a very long time, an ungrateful ability to have from a social perspective. For that reason alone I’d like to be rid of it…

It’s the same rabid Revert Mercy cultists again and again posting the same things after every Mercy change. Mass Rez is not coming back, it was unhealthy for the game, they’ve confirmed it. You already got your answer.


Res. That’s the thing that made it different.

With enough lame play, she could have a game saving ult that qpuld help her whole team… At the cost of her possibly dying. Hell, now with Hammond, Huge Res would be inherently nerfed cause he cpuld just set up afterwards.

There was a risk and reward for that play, now the lame play is literally all she does. She just has wings and a branching beam. She can’t even pull a good midfight res unless she wants to die.

There is little risk to play Mercy, and a very bitter reward.

You mean: The healer diversity and overall viability of the different heroes are in the best place it has ever been (I think). Mercy is, according to me, the least fun that she has ever been, which to me is not a good state for any hero to be in a game (games are supposed to be fun).

This is very far from the truth. I would go so far as to say that launch-day Mercy plays so significantly different from current Mercy that she could almost be considered a different hero. There are similarities of course as beams and guardian angel are fairly similar, but the ultimate and rez ability affects her core gameplay to a significant degree.

And i dont care if she is the popular cheerleader in OW or whatever. Your reply adds nothing that i didnt (or anyone) know and counters nothing so yeah, no we dont need to discuss mercy now nor she is a priority and thats a fact. Period.

First of all, “Cultist” I love it. Adorable jargon.

Secondly, do you think the state of OW is any better? Screw balance, screw all of that, if the community happier? Cause to me it seems Valk is highly disliked, Res can’t be pulled off unless it’s out of the fight or by a skilled Mercy player, and the constant nerfs since her rework has only brought people to complain more than Huge Res ever did.

Is this healthy?


Let’s be real, what the Mercy whiners are really saying is they loved countering high-skill/well coordinated plays with a single zero-skill button push to win matches and climb rank (aka Mass Rez).

At the highest-levels of play, Mercy could undo super high-skill plays with a single button push. Mass Rez was the epitome of no-skill, cheese-ball abilities with ridiculously high payoffs that could swing the entire course of a match.

Mass Rez is gone. It was bad for the game. It’s never coming back. People need to get over it.


We have no idea how much of the playerbase like current Mercy.
No it’s not healthy the nerf after nerf.
Its also not healthy to go from one unhealthy thing to another.

She literally still has her base game mechanics, which take up the high majority of her gameplay. If anything she has more mechanics now then before. I fail to see how an ult that requires literally nothing but to go over and press a single button is more fun than being able to fly around, damage boost/heal 5 team members while being a difficult target to hit.

I’m not trying to sound rude, I just genuinely don’t understand. She was incredibly boring then, and less boring now imo.

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Alright then… What’s the solution.

Make Mercy fun for a larger crowd, viable, and balanced.

Every detail.

I can tell you want is not the solution. Bringing back Mass Rez. So people can stop asking for it. Because it’s not coming back. Ever.

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That’s what you are - a small minority of super loud Revert cultist that always claim to speak for all mercy players.

Yes, the state of OW is getting better by the minute. Mercy got nerfed, all the other supports got buffed. Finally, a breath of fresh air. Brigitte got released, finally Tracer actually has a counter in the game, and we don’t have dive every game. Valk is counterable, Mass Rez wasn’t counterable. Mercy actually takes some skill to play and is more fun.

Game is fine, and particularly Mercy is fine and healthier than ever since she is not a must pick. It’s only a small minority of Revert Mercy cultists that are unhappy and constantly spam because they want their incredibly over-tuned hero back.

And before some random Revert cultists tell me to read that mega thread, already did and having Mass Rez + 100hp AoE burst heal for living allies at the same time is absolutely the worst idea ever and OP beyond imagination.

Mercy is fun, she is viable, she takes more skill than before and she is not a must pick. Win-Win for everybody.


Removal of resurrect.
New ultimate that reduces incoming damage or prevents lethal damage.
Mini valk on E

Plenty other options.

I’m pretty sure with the amount of backlash (or also known as “Spam” by some annoyed saps) gives an indicator on how disliked the state of Mercy is right now.
And who said it was unhealthy? We don’t even know how it would fair in the state the game is now, not then NOW.

The forum is a small minority.
The QQ means nothing in the grand scheme.
Blizzard did. So did plenty of players.

The solution is so obvious … make Mercy Furia!

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