We need Deadzone adjustments for Console

Hey everyone, this is very important for the skill growth for Overwatch. We need this.


  • The dead zone on a controller is a small area around an analog stick’s center position in which the stick will not send any information to the console. Dead zones are simply a minimum input threshold, often somewhere between 0.1 to 0.2. If the input received from the stick is smaller than that, it’s ignored.

So to make it very simple

  1. The more force it takes to move the thumbstick to turn within the minimum threshold, the larger the DeadZone size is.

  2. The less force it takes to turn the thumbstick within the minimum threshold, the smaller the DeadZone size is.

We want less force to turn the thumbsticks, as that gives us better fine tune aim.


1. The problem is that we are unable to make very small adjustments to our aim, without fully rotating the threshold of the thumbsticks.

  • Aim Ease in does not fix this problem

All Aim Ease in does is it allows you to modify the curve, and the ramp of your aiming.

  • Too much Aim Ease In causes you to rotate the thumbsticks too much to get your desired aim, and that is bad.

  • Too little Aim Ease in, and you have a large DeadZone, which is also bad.

We don’t need to modify the curve, or ramp. We need to adjust the DeadZone of the thumbsticks.

Thank you all for reading. This is something I hope can happen soon.


I’ve been asking for this for a while. The recent change to aim assist ease in gives me hope that this might get added one day.

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Do you have it set to linear ramp? It might be an issue if you have it on dual zone.

You may also need to reduce the aim assist window size.

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Yes please we need this on console Blizzard!

They wont do anything about it because as it is it makes xim users for mouse n keyboard have inconsistencies any “fixes” to the aim mechanics could give xim users an inadvertent advantage.