We need an Official answer on One Tricking. 🎲


:smile::smile::smile: still no one is reading the actual post


Well yeah it would obviously need tightened up, but I don’t think one tricking is justifiable if your winrate with that hero isn’t anything to write home about. If you’re one tricking and its working far more often than it isn’t, then you should stick it out. You’re the carry, people should try to work around your winning tactics, they’re the stubborn ones. Otherwise you shouldn’t really be allowed to just tread water SR wise.

Most replies aren’t to the OP, they’re to people arguing that false reporting is fine and they get to decide that one tricking is sabotage even though the report feature clearly states that it is not.


This does not mean anything. Of course you can report for anything you want. Who is going to check?


I dislike one tricks of any sort. I don’t care if you one trick Mercy, Tracer, Reinhardt, Orisa, Hanzo, or Symmetra. It’s still a problem, because anyone who one tricks is forcing the rest of the team to play around them.

For example, what if a Mercy one trick instalocks Mercy, but another teammate wanted Mercy? Or what if the team needed a Zenyatta or a Moira instead? Doesn’t matter, because that Mercy one trick p a y e d for the game and has a right to be selfish, right? One tricking is extremely selfish to your team and is a good way to get avoided or reported.

I don’t care if someone one tricks in QP, as rank doesn’t exist there. But if someone brings the one tricking into comp, that’s when I have a problem.


You shouldn’t have a problem even in ranked. If said person one tricks, supposedly harming his MMR, and is STILL around YOUR MMR, i suppose you have a problem indeed, but it is not what you think it is…

People should play what they like, how they like, even in ranked. If what they are doing is wrong, they should fall in MMR, and eventually they won’t be in your games anymore. Unless the playerbase shrinks a lot and the MMR margin gets large enough, thanks to all the banning you love so much.


Most have another hero they can swap to in case their pick gets taken, such as in the video, it was stated that Fuey500, the Torb One Trick, would occasionally play Reinhardt. Chro can play Mei, Kephrii can play McCree etc. etc.

I can’t think of a situation where you NEED a Zenyatta/Moira. You can easily play around it, Mercy is a pretty versitile hero. It’s equally selfish for you to yell and cry in voice chat should they not swap to a hero they obviously will have little experience on, forcing them to play “Your way or the highway”. You don’t HAVE to babysit them, you don’t need a shield for the Bastion One Trick, odds are that they know how to play without a shield if they’re a one trick.

Avoided, sure if you don’t like playing with them, but banned is extreme. They have a right to play the game just as you do. I don’t care if “it’s the way the game was meant to be played”, if it was they would put it clear as day in the report options that only playing one hero is worthy of a ban.

You cannot have the rules only apply to one part of the game and not to the rest. It’s all or nothing. Either it’s ok or it isn’t.

And you want to know the best part about all of this? There already is an answer to whether One Tricking is ok or not. Here you go:


I never said they were hurting themselves or others, I said they were being selfish. Big difference.

We’re talking about comp, not QP. There are one tricks in every rank and it’s a problem everywhere, not just my SR/MMR.

It’s not hard to find 3-4 heroes that you like in Overwatch. At least learn a tank, DPS, and support character before entering comp and you’ll be fine.

As I said, this problem is everywhere. It’s in bronze all the way to GM.

I don’t love banning. I love not having selfish teammates in a team based game.

It looks to me like you took one look at my post and thought “He doesn’t like one tricks so that means he’s saying they hurt their SR by one tricking durrrrr”. when in reality, I just think it’s selfish, as many others do.


mostly for people to stop repeating the same thing and understand the actual issue


Haha, you can’t have certain rules apply to one gamemode and not the rest? Wow, for a second there I thought comp and QP worked the exact same way!

That says nothing about one tricking. That’s talking about “off meta heroes”. Playing an off meta hero does not equal throwing, I never said it was. I never said one tricking is throwing either, or gameplay sabotage, I said it was selfish.

Also, that system can be so easily abused it’s not even funny, anyone can blatantly throw a match and avoid a ban by saying “I tried my best!”.


Dude the title of the thread is literally “We need an official response on One Tricking”

And most people pointed out that we have an official response.

You see the correlation?


Another official answer? Could’ve sworn the 3-4 they’ve given were enough


well some people are, some people are just repeating “they gave u an answer though”

lol yes i know but thats not the only thing the post is about, which people would know if they read anything besides the title or watched the linked video.


The answer is easy. It’s not bannable. They have said it so many times. People are getting banned because other players are FALSE REPORTING. Blizzard has no way of knowing if a report is false. They will see you get reported for “griefing and being afk” and they will believe it because a lot of people are reporting it… They have NO way of knowing if it’s true or not.


the op makes it clear that the issue is that even though we do have an official responce that official response is not being enforced, the video op posted details all the issues please stop making me repeat myself.

people are ignoring this and keep saying “you got one though” yes we know we got one can we move on from that.


i never said jeff was on your speed dial lol, if you aren’t ignoring the actual content of the op i have zero issues with you.

people can argue that it doesn’t matter that the official answer is not being enforced, that would be fine, id just like people to talk about the actual issue, which issss, the official answer isn’t being enforced.

they totally do my dude, other games have answers to false reporting, overwatch should and can too.


its like you aren’t even reading what i say lol, its funny, not very productive though.


The report options have to be consistent, because then it results in people saying “Well why is it ok HERE and not THERE”, causing even further debate.

So yeah, if they’re only playing Genji, but still trying their hardest to win, you can’t report them. If they are actively trying to protect the healers or perform their role, they cannot be reported. It says it right there.

You tried to imply it was worthy of a ban, when it is in fact not, according to the in-game report options. Example:

So what is it? Do you want it to be reportable, and therefore bannable, or do you think that it’s fine and should not result in a ban?

If they are BLATANTLY not trying to win, and it is very obvious that they do so, then yes, you can report them. If they are obviously tilted and playing that hero and not swapping out of spite, then yes that is reportable. But if the person is calm and collected, and it looks like they are trying but maybe just are not very good, then you CAN’T report them. It’s a judgement call, but you have to be absolutely sure that they are intentionally losing before you try to report.

So what if it’s selfish as well? If selfish was a punishable offense then i would have every single DPS instalock at the beginning of the game banned. What if I wanted to play DPS? Did you think of that? But wait, then that makes me selfish…it becomes a politeness duel. “No you pic, I’ll fill!” “Oh no, please, after you good sir”. Then we just sit there for the entire time just waiting for SOMEONE to pick something. I’ve actually had games like this and it was so painful.

You don’t have to like playing with them, but having them get banned for it is ludicrous. Just avoid them at the end of the game, or wait 5 minutes before queueing etc.etc.


People being banned is proof enough that they don’t. I know many symm streamers who have been suspended for false reports.


oh i understand now

no they do dude, they just don’t care to use them

go check out Arrge’s youtube channel, he records all his games so theres proof that he hasn’t thrown and he still got a ban upheld, his most recent video talks about this


People who demand others play what they want dare to talk about selfishness, how cute.