We need a Sym+Roadhog ship

As Symmetra realized that although will power burned inside the magic archer, they were not the same in spirit, and so she continued her search for a soul mate. For all she wanted was someone to father her children.

One day, while on a mission delegated by Vishkar, Symmetra was tasked with an excavation of Petra after a previously blocked tomb was unearthed behind its walls. For protection, the dynamic duo, Roadhog and Junkrat, were hired to accompany the hardlight architect. Symmetra was not happy with the arrangement due to the loudness and smells that constantly emitted from the two, so she just avoided them as much as possible.

Once they reached Petra, Symmetra began work on the excavation. As she was meticulously brushing away at the tombs, the active tectonic plates that Petra was built on began to shake. Suddenly, the ceiling began to crack above Symmetra’s head. Without hesitation the bodacious bore-man leapt from his post, threw his hook at Symmetra’s waist, and yanked her into his arms and out of harms way just in time as the ceiling fell right where she was standing.

As the beast held her in his arms, she became overwhelmed by the idea of his action and carefulness that was just demonstrated. She wanted this moment to last forever, but then Roadhog let go and took a sip from his vape as he casually walked back to his post.

Symmetra decided that she had done enough work for the day, and instead wanted to reflect on the events that unfolded just now. She had a lot to think about.