We are blind and something has to change

Overbuff seems to be off according to devs, how much and what stats we don’t know, that completly invalidates Overbuff
We have no ingame stats to compare or to know what the average is

This creates several problems:
We can argue about our experiences and feelings, but can’t back it up, which makes it pretty useless
We can’t communicate with devs in any meaningful way
We don’t know and can’t understand the game (the current state)
It breeds tension, missinformation, toxicity, bias

In all honesty I’m fed up. Blizzard it’s overdue that you treat your playerbase with more respect and stop belittle us
Are you out of touch or are we out of touch because you decided to deny us information?

We absolutely can back it up, whether Overbuff is “inaccurate” or not is for the devs to prove. We literally have ONLY Overbuff to go off of. They can “say” it’s inaccurate, but the burden of proof is in them. And if they REALLY want people to stop sharpening their pitchforks, they should show the actual stats so we can know how “wrong” we are.

But they aren’t doing that, conveniently enough.

What and where did they indicate this exactly? Link?

Soldier and Genji were on a different place in terms of WinRate

Well, Genji is the third most picked hero according to Overbuff, which more or less matches up with what the devs said about him. His winrate is fairly low on Overbuff, but it’s not the lowest out of the dps category (Tracer, McCree, and Sombra all have lower winrates; Hanzo and Reaper, who are considered strong at the moment, have winrates within 1% of Genji’s).

More or less, the stats from Overbuff do in fact match up with what the Joshua Noh stated, and probably correlate closely with Blizzard’s data. What doesn’t entirely match up with what he said is player perception of these heroes, which is that Genji is underpowered while heroes like Hanzo and Mei are overtuned.

How is this making Overbuff incorrect, is it not jiving? Just wondering if they are looking at a different period of time.

If they wanted overbuff to be accurate they would remove private profiles. Or at least make it so private profiles doesn’t prevent information gathering on overbuff?

I can’t say for sure how incorrect Overbuff is and that’s a problem, we need a reliable source.