Waterproof Omnics (/Genji)?

Hard to say, I’d think that ceramics would fit well with machinery and could break away from the oil based lubricants which are rough on environment.

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… Were you… talking to yourself or to me?

Also what ceramics are you talking about?

No idea why I quoted myself in my reply to you. Ceramics can be used in construction of machines/engines.

h ttp://ceramicrotaryengines.com/

I recall a lot of talk about them a decade or so back, no clue what happened with idea.

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So, Bastion could potentially be composed of some ceramic elements? But, if he’s transforming all the time, wouldn’t there be a higher chance of something breaking?
It would explain why he has a greater energy charge/battery life… But solar panels could explain that too…
It says it works at high temperatures, so it could withstand the constant friction from transforming and firing bullets. But would it work in the cold ocean?

I’d think a combination?

More traditional metal-alloy exteriors and joints to offer more resiliency against impact/torque but ceramics for areas that require more heat tolerance, maybe?

I’d imagine that various areas could be contained in flexible polymer/latex/silicone boots and packed in oil/silicone/other lubrication rather like we do today on the cv joints of cars.

h ttps://estimate.myautomatictransmission.com/cv-joint-symptoms-and-replacement/

As to how ceramics deal with the ocean, I’m unsure since I’m not a mechanical engineer. But I know archaeologists have been recovering ceramics made in 2000 BCE from the ocean… so I’d guess modern engineers could make something more capable of load bearing if they wanted.

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Still think that would be an awesome skin, although I understand the octopus shoulder would make transforming wierd

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why is there two threads about this? it’s the future…why wouldn’t they be waterproof? cell phones used to explode if there was mist in the air now they can be put underwater.

there’s not much to ponder here…

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What do you mean, two threads?

Question, how did Ganymede survive? I mean… did he seriously fly from Germany across the Baltic sea all the way up to Northern Sweden?



Don’t underestimate the power of bird love!

These plot holes though… literally unplayable game with this revelation.

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