Waterproof Omnics (/Genji)?

So, essentially, I was wondering whether or not the omnics in the future are water-proof. There was something in a comic about a Bastion unit rising from the waters, but I think that was for a horror story within the comic.
And what about Genji? Can he go in water as well? Or does he have to take off his suit?
Can he take off his suit? His mask is slightly removable?


Yeah, they’re waterproof. We have waterproof smartphones, so it wouldn’t shock me that they have waterproof everything in the future

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What about Genji though? How could his suit be waterproof?

Omnics are waterproof. We have two examples of this.

  • 1 - You mentioned a Bastion coming out of the water. That wasn’t a horror story, that was Binary. Bastion walked across the Baltic Sea Floor to enter Sweden.
  • 2 - The Gwisin omnics come out of the East China Sea. You can see the squids (Do we not have a name for that specific kind?) come out of the water in Shooting Star.

Genji is probably also waterproof.

No. A lot of those parts are his limbs. He’s missing quite a bit of his body.

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Alright then. What I really want to know now is how they waterproofed them. And what parts are Genji’s limbs, and which parts are his suit…
I’m guessing it’ll be a bit before we know.

Overwatch doesn’t like to explain the how. That being said, we already have a lot of waterproof technology now. 30 years in the future, Waterproof Bastions aint that unbelievable.

Look at Blackwatch Genji. The only other part confirmed to still be operational are his reproductive organs.


Hmmm. Yeah, both make sense.
Except for the privates thing… I guess what I was thinking was more along the lines of, at what point does his robotic body act as his suit? Is it like 2 layers of robotic technology?

I guess I just want to know more about his suit.

Don’t believe the old trope of throwing water at robots short circuits them.

Wire insulation, liquid tight casings for boards, sealants; most with processes I don’t know how they work.

As for Genji we won’t know. The best source for how bad his body was damaged is up to your imagination. Because you yourself will come up with how devastating Hanzo’s Assault against his own brother was. If you knew exactly how bad Genji’s injuries are you lower their severity.

It’s like hearing horror stories on how bad a prisoner committed a crime. No one knows and that makes it scary. If you found out all that prisoner did was punch a police officer it’s not that scary. Yeah the prisoner has no fear but if you don’t know why they are there for; your imagination can make the prisoner’s reason for being there more intimidating.

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Judging by certain allusions to Star Wars in some of Genji’s voice lines in heroes of the storm, and a few other clues set together.

It seems like Genji is in the same position as Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: Right arm completely gone, legs below the knee gone, everything else may be scarred or have cut/burn marks, but are still in-tact.

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Genji can’t take off his “suit”, that’s his new body pretty much, without it he would not be able to survive.

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The shambali omnics live in the himalayan snow covered mountains.

If they were not waterproof, it would not even be an option for them.

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None of the Overwatch heroes seem very waterproof though, do they… :upside_down_face:

Bastion is definitely waterproof enough to exist/walk along the seafloor though (the result of which is seen in the “Binary” comic).


hes not only waterproof… he was covered with dirt for years and years and not rusted even a bit


Is there a special chemical or substance applied to his mechanical parts that allows him to be water-proof? Or is it his overall composition? Namely a lot of glue, and rubber gaskets to keep the water out?
So, basically, is he built more like a gigantic, multi-part phone, or is he just coated in a water-proof substance that is strong enough to with-stand sand, salt-water, freezing cold temperatures, and Lord knows what else?
Thank-you for your reply, by the way.

From my time spent bicycling.

Lubrication for components that will be wet frequently is typical a thick & viscous oil based lubrication that goes on wet and stays wet. It is mostly used in winter/fall. However, that wetness means it picks up a lot of dry dirt and particulate. You have to wipe off build up and reapply as needed.(There are other oil based lubricates that go on wet and then dry out, but if you’re going into muddy or wet environment then you don’t want this type.)

The best lubricant for dry conditions that is often used in spring/summer months is wax (you melt it then apply it to cleaned gear) or a wax based lubricant. The wax forms a crust that keeps dust and dirt out of machinery. The downfall is you must reapply this lubricant much more frequently than thinner “dry” oil based lubricants.

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That’s interesting to know. However, I don’t know how much of that applies in Bastion’s case. He was submerged in salt-water the entire time he walked across the ocean. I don’t know if regular wax or oil would be able to handle that kind of pressure/chemical composition/temperature.
And if those materials were able to handle it, then he would still have to be applying them to his body. Especially after that nice ocean stroll. I don’t think he knows how to do that for himself yet. So, someone would have to had done it for him.
Unless, it was a different, stronger and longer-lasting sort of wax or oil that was applied, that somehow lasted like 30-50 years, and lasted until Bastion was able to meet Torbjorn, who could reapply the material and take care of him…

Wax doesnt last in water, it has to be a very thick, very viscous oil. Think heavy grease.

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Would the grease currently available to us today be able to weather 30-50 years and at least a few weeks of walking in the ocean? Or would it have to be something newly developed?

Right now, I know most machines that operate in the sea use oil or silicone. But I think there is being research in polymer machinery lubricated with sea water.

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But they don’t use that for guns and war machines, do they?