Washington Justice vs. Dallas Fuel - FINAL

May Melee • Week 2


Washington Justice
Dallas Fuel
LP: 0 (0-0 +0)
LP: 1 (1-1 +1)

Final Score


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This one I hope will be extremely tight. I think Justice will take this one in a 3-2, 6 map thriller.

i went 3-2 dallas so who knows

crazy seeing reaper being used in owl. that was a sweet death blossom

Really enjoy the double bubble Reaper comp. Such a fantastic mix of brawl and dive.

Close match so far (for the most part, anyway). Tie game heading into the second half.


Ilios (Control): Washington Justice 2, Dallas Fuel 0

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort): Dallas Fuel 5, Washington Justice 4

MATCH SCORE: Washington Justice 1, Dallas Fuel 1

NEXT UP: Second half of Justice vs. Fuel.

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surprise washington won that round w/o going hitscan (mccree) for the pharah

WOOT! Perfect Prediction with double points!

The Justice reign supreme once more!


Ilios (Control): Washington Justice 2, Dallas Fuel 0.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort): Dallas Fuel 5, Washington Justice 4.

Hanamura: Washington Justice 2, Dallas Fuel 1.

Eichenwalde: Washington Justice 4, Dallas Fuel 3.

FINAL SCORE: Washington Justice 3, Dallas Fuel 1


That’s it for now. Matches resume at 5am Eastern (2am Pacific). See you then. If you’ll excuse me, i’m going to attempt to sleep off the fever I acquired as a side effect of the J&J COVID vaccine…