Was the Mercy rework a Success?

it’s not hide and sneak. it’s taking a flank route rezing and teammate and then flying back. if you only run headfirst into the enemy youre playing wrong

yes you did you said you can’t rez mid fight and called it not engaging bc you only rez before and after.

you have to leave to teamfight when you rez in a teamfight bc your not helping. helping both the back line and front line is important in a game like this. ignoring them is bad form.

that’s the point of an opinion genuis. do you know what an opinion is? that was my earlier point of YOU use your opinion as fact. you can’t say complaints are fact yet

lol nice hypocrisy

lol you googled it and still are ignoring the definition? that’s bold lol and wrong. whats “your definition” of engaging then?

You can call it flanking. I’ll call it hiding. God knows why you’d be flanking as Mercy anyway

How does this equate to me saying that pulling a Resurrect of isn’t engaging? I said it’s not engaging if you pull it off after or before a team fight. If you pull it of during a fight then yeah, it’s pretty engaging.

And stop healing your team in the process? Sorry but I find that even worse.

Why exactly are you trying to argue about an opinion? Also, why would Blizzard say their goals are to make Mercy more engaging and impactful if those points are subjective?

I’m sorry but they actually don’t have a way of knowing the Overwatch communities opinion on something. Also, it’s not being a hypocrite because opinion and successfulness are 2 different things.

The definition makes no sense in this context. Valkyrie is more engaging because it’s charming and attractive. Hello? I consider engaging to be something that feels impactful during team fights e.g outputting lots of damage as soldier 76.

That wouldnt stop hide n seek. It means she needs to see them, not an issue with hide n seek, and removing invuln doesnt effect it either, so idk how thatd help

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I hated mass rez, i hope it never comes back, its just something i dont want the game to have, i dont want to deal with it. sure it can be countered, but what if i made a character who if was able to stand still without taking damage in los on all 6 enemies for 15 seconds insta killed everyone, sure thatd be counterable, all you have to do is shoot them once, but it doesnt mean i want that in the game.

thank you, this is a big point people miss

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The only way to use current rez is hide?? maybe try hiding during the rez to avoid getting shot, but no, id say the best way is call for a rein or zarya to cover you while you do it…not the only way though, and hiding is 100% not the only way.

Lol, what? this is pretty much exactly what Mcree’s ult is.

mcree’s ult doesnt take 15 seconds, isnt cancelled from damage, and doesnt insta kill everyone? its different enough to work in this example, but since you decided to completely disregard the point i was making ill put it in simpler terms. Some abilities dont belong in the game, “its counterable” isnt a good enough reason.

Mcree’s ult you have to stand still for like 5 seconds, if stuned/killed and cancels his ult, if he’s in los of the whole time he can kill them.

Its really not that different

Also “disregarding your point” I didn’t even see a point you were trying to make, your statement was pretty much "I hate mass rez even though I know it has a ccounter

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My point is that just because something “can be countered” doesnt mean it should be in the game, thats not a reason. And to point out too mercy mains that not everyone feels the same way they do, even other players hated it and never want it to return. Just putting the opposite opinion out there so its voiced.

My point of coming up with an example was to show an easy ability that was op but countered fairly easily as well, had nothing to do with the specifics of the ability. I dont like multi because one characters q, which isnt hard to get considering she requires no aim at all, was capable to undoing the work of like 4 other characters who also built ults, used abilites, and positioned well. All undone by one press of a q after hiding, i never want that to return.

And the ability you came up with was extremely close to Mcree’s which isn’t Op. Now when I stated that I wasn’t arguing against you point, (Honstly I couldn’t care less about Mercy’s balance) I just thought it was odd, and thought you had done it sub-consciously or something. Anyway… carry on with your day .


You too.

flanking is intent to get around enemy defenses movement is implied
hiding is sitting in one spot without intent to move.
very different concepts

for a high value rez duh already explained that

a 5v6 worse than a 6v6 just have your team distract the enemy without taking damage it’s easy and it’s a real strategy.

bc youre saying opinions prove it failed which is equating facts to opinions

you said that those are their goals not me. bc while subjectivity still matters they aren’t masquerading them as facts. their goals are for players playing with and against them fun while feeling that way. you can’t have ability be broken to use and not to fight against. rez can still feel great but not be OP.

lol youre joking right? data collection is easy when you own the systems

then youre using it wrong it’s like saying “i potato this” do they like it or hate it or what? the point of the definition (btw there are several you should know how words work) if we apply it is (most likely) attractive meaning you want to use it aka attracted towards it and charming meaning a positive reaction from both sides

lol impact doesn’t mean engaging not even close
i could have a huge impact by doing nothing but it doesn’t make it an engaging thing to do. for example you can have a large impact on tasks but taking out the trash in a game over and over isn’t engaging even if was the best thing to do in the game for impact

Can’t relate.

And putting your team in a temporary 4v6 situation. There goes the value of that res…

Without taking damage in a teamfight? Hunny, is that even a real strategy?

Thanks for clarifying.

Did you just make this up? They legit said their goals for the rework are to make her more engaging and impactful.

what data shows someone’s opinion on the mercy rework?

lemme reword it. Something you are actively doing to try to win the match. you are contributing to the fight in a positive way e.g, getting kills.

I’m pretty bad at explaining stuff which is evidently clear so I’ll just quote this from titanium and let him explain the huge flop that is the Mercy rework:

Refer to “The recent and previous developments sections”. Better yet, read the entirety of the post.

P.S: Refusing to read it just shows how delusional you are being.

so you just always run head first into the enemy set up? lol

uh you do know that bringing a 5v6 to a 6v6 is worth that temp 4v6 if done right. it’s why it’s a calculated risk

are you serious? well for one if someone is complaining non stop data can show theyre not enjoying it while their game play and time says otherwise

well “honey” it’s easy don’t FULL ON FIGHT. so don’t teamfight just back up/retreat a bit do some poke then run full on ahead after the rez. it’s sad how little you know and you assume that distract means team fight. wow you really don’t play this game well huh?

no i didn’t i already said that engaging is worthless without fun who cares if a game is engaging if it isn’t fun. you the one who doesn’t even know what engaging or impactful mean are youre criticizing me? i even explained in depth what they meant by that and you still cant understand lol

so let me just explain what you just said… you literally just said engage = impact but theyre making it engaging and impactful. thats not only a derivative interpretation but completely wrong. why would they we’re making her more impact and impactful? lol

you mean like YOU ignoring everything i have said so far? im glad you agree youre disillusional.
and pps i already read that before now. it still doesn’t mean much. that’s criticizing her innate ability to rez not necessary the rework which many just want reverted which will still have the problem of risk vs reward. there’s not really enough risk to balance rez even in its current state.

I’m actually just bad at explaining. Weirdly, I can actually understand things when I say it out loud but then when I write it done… YIKES. Which is also why I told you to read Titanium’s thread since he’s more skilled in explaining and writing. Also, gotta ask, why did you skip out the part where I referred you Titanium’s thread? Really curious. Last point, I didn’t read your most latest response because I’ve actually lost a couple hundred braincells trying to make myself understand what you’ve completely f***ed up.

BTW, If i came off as insulting I apologize. You probably don’t even understand what I’m saying because I’m like really dumb.

uuuhhhh bc

see above please…

Maybe read it again? LOL jk idrc. After all, it is just opinion to you.

First there is no need to insult me,


I’m not selfish … I started to main Mercy at the end of season 1 cause there was always a lack of healers. Than every season I got pushed by other players even more into playing Mercy ….

until … i got to the point where i played nothing else than Mercy and when i tried to pick another hero i got instantly flamed by other players who yelled at me that I’m braindead and they will throw when i pick a tank …

In fact I was a Reinhardt main when the game was released.