Was the Mercy rework a Success?

Garbage Mercy player pretending to act like they know how to efficiently play Mercy. What’s your point?

Sure, when you cherrypick an example where it happens to work out, it looks strong. But that happening outside of 2CP last defense was extremely rare.

Yep, a smart team would bait out the rez then use ults to clean up.

You never mentioned counterplay, and these ults “require one button to kill [an] entire team WITHOUT strategy or effort”.

You could add
Genji Draginblade
McCree Deadeye
Soldier Tactical Visor
Hanzo Dragonstrike
Doomfist Meteor Strike
Pharah Barrage
and many more ults that could clean up after res easily.

But no that requires too much brain activity so lets complain and get the most loved hero in the game reworked and nerfed 13 times

I found you something you might want to consider.
Happy reading !

Regardless of the counter or not, if 3 players combo’d their ultimate to kill the enemy team then they deserve to win because teamwork, why should mercy have one button to delete all their work and destroy every possible way to win after ALL their ult and work gone into the air.

The current one is fine it encourage her to stay near teammate and make her more reliable on her teammate so she can’t abuse SR system like before to climb by one trick.

Mass rez will never come back, mercy mains can make thread every day about it as long they want, dev will not revert something that was legit OP before even with tweaks, I hope dev unlock that mercy megathread so we can see less mercy thread on the front page.

“They deserve to win because they pressed one button. Why should the enemy delete their ‘work’ with one button?!”

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If you read the post Arc linked you, you would see that HideNRez meant leaving a team 5v6, which meant easy win for the 6 member team (WITHOUT spending ults unless they are some potatoes).

Also sorry, couldnt hear that? Abuse the SR system? This bug was fixed ages ago.
I think devs will eventually revert mercy and change her up a little. As hopeless for us mercy players the situation may look, continuing this path will lose them a lot of players (Symm,bastion,torb,mercy and whatever hero they rework). And with less players, less money. As the 30$ lucio emote showed us, they care mainly about money

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Yes, she was so OP that she saw almost no tournament play outside of pharmercy on some control maps.


I am Done now, scroll above to see how hard to use other ultimate comparable with how easy mass rez was.

Not that hard, really.

I’d recommend adding “and 1500+ Extra ultimate charge” because you get ult
charge for that fight.

So can Transcendence.

So did the old one until invuln was added

1st of all im not a Mercy main, im just a fan of Balanced and current Mercy is not balance-able.
2nd, Mercy WAS BALANCED with team rez, she just had 0 competition for the main healer slot as Ana was thrown into a volcano at that point and Moira wasn’t released. Don’t believe me, why did the pros never use her in tournaments?


If 3 players combo’d their ultimate but are not able to kill Mercy, who is the highest priority in the game, they deserve to loose.

You know that’s not even true.

It was a “success” in that it successfully moved her away from a play style they decided they didn’t want her in. I actually agree with them here.

It was a failure in the sense that they simultaneously made her unbelievably monstrously OP.

The problem with mercy’s rework is largely that, at its inception, especially regarding her ult- blizzard said let’s come up with ideas for mercy.

They then tossed ideas in a hat.

Then they lost the memo that they was only supposed to pick a couple- and instead added them all.

Ok so we’re going to give her pure flight. And she’ll move faster. And have constant health regen. And additional instant res’s. And increased range on the staff. And it’ll work on a group of people. And we’ll increase the range of guardian Angel. And we’ll increase its speed. And we’ll give her a personal damage boost. And we’ll give her unlimited ammo. And it’ll last so long that you can die to an ulting mercy and her team, wait through the respawn timer, return to the fight, and STILL see her flying around. And…

I can’t imagine the conversations in the office- someone asking “what does Valk do?!”, them listing EVERYTHING it can do, and no one going “isn’t that a bit much?” (Or being ignored when they did) After the 5 minute list of buffs the single ult gave.

It was a failure that we even saw this version of mercy. It should have never been that obviously powerful.

Because the OTHER huge problem for mercy- is that blizzard is notoriously slow on dealing with balance issues.

They released a hero 10x more powerful than she ever should have been- which has needed nothing but nerfs since.

So of course it feels bad when your hero is getting nothing but nerfs for basically a year at this point- whether they need it or not.

That was the biggest failure to me.

Hunny, I know you think you know what the definition of teamwork and you think you’re entitled and you run the world… you don’t, come back to Earth.




The difference is that killing 5 people means you won the fight, and resurrecting 5 people means you get another chance to win the fight.

One of these things is clearly more powerful than the other.

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I agree with you 1000000000000%

if by success you mean pile of trash made by incompetent devs with an inferiority complex so big they can’t listen to the people who play her… then yes.

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