Wait, so why do we lose 25 sr if we have a leaver?

I don’t know why but there have been so many leavers recently, hardly even DCs anymore.

So, when they leave 2 minutes into the game, how come we still lose the full 25 sr no matter if we stay or leave? It’s lost no matter what.

We should lose like 5-10 if 1 person leaves and lose 0 if 2 or more leave

It’s not too hard to envision a scenario where this is abused by a group of people with alt accounts to ensure their SR never drops (even if it is only for short time frames)…

And blizz has specifically talked about this (not what I said above)…I’d have to find the actual quote tthough


Because the alternative is worse.

i.e. Having a smurf friend who drops games, if you are losing.
Or bullying a random teammate to quit.

In the long run, it happens to both teams equally, so statistically speaking this is an non issue. Trying to fix it would make it worse.

I was going to make a few links but there’s several posts about it…Wyoming was kind enough to keep a directory pinned

There are several posts about leavers and SR here:

Every one spews this “fact” and I want to see actual statistical proof of these claims

That every one one both teams over a period of times faces the same amount of issues of smurfs, throwers, leavers etc

And second why is this hand waved as “ok” because some how the fact that it’s “everyone’s problems” is some how acceptable is a game that tries to force itself as a “serious competitive esport”?

I’m pretty sure they’ve actually adjusted this recently without saying anything. I’ve noticed that I don’t win as much SR if i win 6v5, and I don’t lose as much if I lose 5v6

The only one able to provide actual proof is Blizzard, so good luck on that. Although that this is a bigger issue when trying to make the claim that
matchmaking is somehow biased against certain players. Cuz why would it be that way? Blizzard actively trying to ruin your and only your experience?

It’s just logic and statics. Assuming leavers are split equally between the player base and roles, and the matchmaking algorithm selects players randomly around your skill level, the likelihood of getting a leaver is equally high for any player. If Tanks are more likely to leave and you play Tank yourself, it’s even a lower chance for you to experience leavers, assuming you aren’t one either.

Sure, there are other factors to consider like communication or toxicity within a team, but with the very same assumption, all players are similar likely to experience toxic players too. Which means the only notable influence left is the player himself.

Btw. in fact you actually can influence the algorithm by using the “Avoid player” feature (is this still a thing?) for future games.

Pretty simple: Because there is no way to “fix” this, without opening doors to abuse the hell out of it. I’d rather take one leaver in ten games, than every other game being aborted early because some folks leaving purposefully to keep their SR.

If you can come up with an abuse proof way to implement such a system, I’m excited to hear your idea.

Because the longer the app is open, the more likely you are to buy a lootbox. Its why they allowed a rigged queue for years, its why they nerf heros underground and buff others to god-like status. it informs almost all of their decisions.

Companies track engagement, and show engagement to their investors. Whatever it takes to keep the addicted on the app, they will pursue.

They either don’t understand how frustrating the leaver problem is or they don’t understand how light their leaver punishment is.

If the devs played other multiplayer games they would copy the stricter rage quitting punishment guides.

Hell even GTA has an algorithm that will throw bad behavior play on the same server so cheesey players have to deal with cheesy players.

And also they cut jobs so the devs don’t have the staffing to police it even if they wanted to

tbh its not the sr loss that peeves me, it’s the cancellation timer. 1 minute is ridiculous, should be at least a 1:45 before a game is cancelled. so many DCs have happened at 1:05…

also it’s a complete joke that blizzard still hasnt implemented a “competive fill” feature where anyone can queue to fill a comp game to replace a leaver