Voice Chat works sometimes and sometimes not

I have an issue. When I join a game im either inside voice chat and it works, or I cant even join, even when I try to rejoin. It is a little bit random.
Hope you can help me.

Hey, Crimo! It looks like there’s a few different voice chat errors showing on our end. Some of it can be related to settings, but most of it looks like it’s related to the connection or the device not connecting properly.

Depending on how consistent the issue appears, does it seem better on an alternative connection or VPN?

It may help to try the following steps:

Check that sample rates
  1. Right click on the Sound Icon on the Taskbar, then, click on Open Sound Settings .
  2. Under Related Settings , click on Sound Control Panel .
  3. Go to the Playback Tab, right click on the active device and click on Properties .
  4. Go to the Advanced Tab.
  5. Under Default Format , keep in mind what the bit depth and sample rates are. For most playback devices, it should be 16 bit, 48000Hz.
  6. Close the previous window and now check the Recording Tab’s properties (step 2 & 3). If the Recording device’s sample rate is different than the playback devices, make sure they match up. For most recording devices, it should be 2 channel, 16-bit, 48000Hz.
Disable other audio devices
  1. Right click on the Sound Icon, click on Sound (For newer versions of Windows, click on Open Sound Settings > Under Related Settings , click on “Sound Control Panel”).
  2. Go to the Playback Tab.
  3. For all unused devices, right click and Disable . To re-enable devices in the future, right click and select “Show Disabled Devices.”
  4. Do the step 3 for the Recording Tab.
Try checking for the SIP ALG setting.

There’s a setting within the router/modem that helps with mitigating or prioritzing the voice chat traffic, so one device or connection type could have priority over another that can cause connection issues with voice chat. Check that the SIP ALG (Session Initiation Protocol Application Layer Gateway) setting in the router is disabled.

The settings for these can vary from depending on the device model. It’s not something that we help with directly because the settings and locations can vary. The router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider (if the router/modem was provided by them) can help look for these settings.

If the problem continues, could you provide a DxDiag file to check? Copy and paste the text file created and paste it between two ~~~ like so:

DxDiag Here

If you have issues pasting here, use Pastebin and post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for pastebin.com/123456)

Okay here is my DxDiag with pastebin


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P1: RzSynapse.exe

Your Razer Synapse software is crashing in the background, which might be causing the issue being able to use voice chat. Try using the steps here for a newer version of the app: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #16 by Drakuloth