Voice Chat Bug - Removes my teammates form voice chat

I’ve been having a weird bug yesterday and today where my team and I are all in the same voice chat (this happens on both team and group chat) and my teammates will, after a while, no longer be in the chat. I do not receive the notifications that they are leaving the channel (the yellow ones). If I leave the voice channel, wait a few seconds, and rejoin, all of my teammates are magically back and the issue is resolved for the next minute or two until it inevitably happens again.

This has happened both Thursday and today in different sessions.

I did an update and restart of windows earlier today and it has not resolved the issue.

One game, the game told my teammates that I left the voice channel right the match started and they all believed it was my settings set to go to team chat not group chat but I was still in group chat.

I’m happy to supply logs/system reports. Any help would be appreciated.