I had tried release this code in xmas, but i got out of time, so i released now.

Basically its Uprising like XMAS edition. Code: DEPQR
Enemy forces has taken control for santa’s toy factoy during xmas, you must proect and eliminate all enemy units and restore xmas happiness!

Objective 1: Unlock payload
Objective 2: Escort payload untill end eliminating each enemy unit.
Objective 3: After escort, protect and kill big enemy forces.

SETUP (Team 1):
Recommended bots - all hard:
2x bastion
1x roadhog
1x reaper
1x zenyatta

Tips for players:
Make an well team coordination to win, because bots will test your patience :rofl:

Tip for last objective:

  • Its SINGLE LIFE, if you die you cannot respawn anymore (TODO i will make respawn system like in archives coop).