[UPDATED 10/12] Improved Profanity Filter and Updated Penalties for Code of Conduct Violations

Some players enjoy the entertainment :joy:

So in short bla bla bla bla not enough smurfs and cheaters are buying new accounts now days so we need to redo our little CoD a bit so we can ban more players to force them to get new accounts… xD I mean its hilarious how many similarities there are between this company and any given totalitarian state right now. Just rewriting the rules as they go to fit their agenda. Banning and suspending players solves nothing. Profanity filters are a good start for those deemed “sensitive” to certain things, the next step would simply be to teach these people to use the mute function.

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Everything here is opinion unless stated otherwise or direct evidence is also provided. Nobody is misleading anyone here. I said “they might” do it, and they very likely do.

You literally allowed people to spam the n-word while stopping “gg ez”. This change is kinda cringe

keep in mind they’re also banning people who criticize them kinda harshly LOL. it’s PATHETIC

Hey everyone,

We wanted to provide you another update related to our efforts to combat toxicity in Overwatch. In addition to the improved profanity filter and updated penalties for inappropriate language, we’ve also performed a manual action wave against some of the worst offenders of toxic language in Overwatch. This action will take effect with updates to profanity filter and penalties in the next live game patch.

Play nice, play fair.


Very cringe that you can get suspended for saying something as mild as stupid.


Good job banning the right people once again :laughing: I cba with you guys

This is great! I got banned from defending myself of 5 stuck teenagers insulting and reporting me massively on rankeds!!! Keep the the good work blizzard you sure will be the best company in china


“Lets just mask the problem and pretend it doesn’t exists” filters? Yeah ok.


I got the same treatment. Harassed twice within a week + banned for not being a beta


Sad you feel that you should have the right to spew hate speech.

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More power for an automated tool that people can abuse when you fire the entire EU customer service? Great.

I’m gonna report people constantly for the most meaningless things, they ask me to switch? reported. An opponent says gg? reported. etc.

Can’t wait to get an alert that somebody got actionned against everytime I log in, if it’s going to be a clown fiesta might aswell join in :clown_face::clap:


There is no “hate speech”, just opinions you don’t like or phrases that do not fit your personal etiquette. I’ll of course defend free speech no matter what - especially if you can chose to shield yourself from it in this particular computer game.


My friends can swear their brains out, be toxic, racist & homophobic but if a random does I’m offended…

smh Blizz…


you have a right to create your own platform to use words classified as hate speech. i believe you know what those words are.

however, this is blizzard’s platform. as an independent corporation they are free to act upon rhetoric seen as generally offensive and remove users from the platform accordingly. your right to free speech is not being violated, they are just denying you a platform.

being an empathetic person sometimes means avoiding words that offend others so their day is a little better. love your neighbor as yourself.


So telling some race of people that they are inferior to another race isn’t hate speech? Wow… are you stuck in the past or something?


Yo remember how like 4 years ago you made it so theres a filter to filter out gg ez but its been 4 years but theres no filter to stop the N word, or other racist, sexist or homophobic slurs? thats funny lmfaooooo


Genuine question:
Why is a permanent ban and not a permanent silence the penality for ‘mean words?’

Example: t500 player. Great shotcalls, contributes, rallies team, curses like a sailor.

Penalty: you can’t play not you can’t speak.


Once again blizzard im not sure how long i can support these policies when your report system is broken.