Update to avoid slots

add unlimited avoid slots and make them last forever

thank you so much!


I agree! 20 wordssss Like and share!

I agree so much. You shouldn’t have a limit on who you don’t want to play with. People try to say “well enjoy longer ques” well that should be my choice, I’ll wait longer if I don’t have to have people I’ve avoided in my game. I honestly think that they don’t allow this because certain people would get avoided to the point where they can’t even get in a game. Allow players to avoid who they want and if you would like to unavoid in the future have that option

Or if they fix the MM then maybe we could use the avoid feature for what it was intended for…

I would love this, however they dont have enough players anymore to even give you 10

Just let it cycle! 24 hours so I don’t have to “maintain” it.

or give us an LFG and you can dual the avoid problem by solving it as a selection problem.

problem with this is just if enough people avoid u, u wont be able to queue at all. some people avoid you if you have 1 bad game.

Even if no one avoided you it would still take forever. Because it has to find 9 other players where none of them avoided each other. And there are only like 45 people left to choose from still playing.

At minimum there should be let’s say 10 avoid slots that are permanent until cancelled.