Update 'poor teamwork' one-tricks!


I hope Blizz adds an example of what ‘poor teamwork’ actually is to the report card because then these people wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

they won’t care, Blizzard has explicitly stated what their stance is on one-tricking and the community have decided to report one-tricks regardless because they believe their idea of poor teamwork trumps whatever standard Blizzard has laid out for them.

the point is that reports can’t be verified, you can report anyone for any reason and it’ll stick.

“I am really sorry, but in this case there is no much we can do. The system is fully automated and relies on our trust in community judgement.”

that is a response i got from a game master in regards to why they can’t verify reports, i stream on Twitch and have sent VODs of all my gameplay to them and they get ignored, i play against a lot of streamers (typical in high SR) and made clips of them reporting me before the game even starts because they dislike the prospect of a Symmetra player being high SR, these clips ALSO get ignored.

so when i get suspended, customer support refuses to help me because the reports are taken at face value, that they’re malicious isn’t a concern.


I was hoping this thread might shine some light on the fact that ‘poor teamwork’ is such a grey area from the way the report card is worded.

Hopefully some of the balance tweaks they’re giving Sym and Torb make them a bit more versatile and more accepted by our community! :slight_smile:


Lol this is exactly what a one trick would say. Team comps are what you go to competitive for, you play competitive to have a viable team comp and to win the match not just pick torb mute your team and go die because your being countered. “Just cause you can’t make it work doesn’t mean other have to suck like you do.” Oh my gosh my team doesn’t want to build an extremely niche comp around a torb or sym because it 99% of the time doesn’t work we me SuCk NuTs. No if you refuse to switch and don’t work with your team, then that is BAD TEAMWORK. Lets look at the definition of bad team work “Poor teamwork can be a major drain on energy in any team. It is a particular problem when moving from start-up to developing a team. … It tends to happen when individuals try to impose solutions to meet their own needs, which are often in conflict with the needs of the team.” Lets look at the last sentence in that. Oh its when you have a solution that only one member wants sounds a lot like a sym main when they won’t switch and says we have build around them. And yes team comps do matter, just the other day we went dive on Volskya and got both points without any of us dying, and i’m in plat, do you know why we got it that easily its because we weren’t toxic and switched to create a VIABLE team comp.


No i’m not and i hope he gets banned :joy::joy::joy::grinning::grinning::grinning::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Look I put as much effort into my reply as you did. But for real yes picking a hero is not bannable. What is bannable is refusing to swap when the team asks you to when your being countered and your hero is not working out, which is bad team work.


Poor teamwork should be removed as an option all together. Teamwork is just something way too subjective.

For example, if someone is pockethealing only their buddy instead of the tanks. Is that a poor teamwork? He is not throwing but he isn’t helping much either.


Totally agree, that’s why I made this thread. The ‘poor teamwork’ option is currently up for so much interpretation it’s almost useless as a reporting option (it does however give a clear example of negative communication “This team is horrible.”)

The part where it says ‘not completing map objectives’ to me means that the player isn’t involved in team-fights or attempting to take points/move payload.

It really needs to give a clear example or as you say, be removed entirely.


That will not work, if people feel a player deserves to be reported they will do so in whatever category they want. Even if they removed the reporting system altogether which will ofc not happen, that would still not solve the problem. Basically, the problem will not go away by ignoring it. Whatever side you are on, the fact is, one tricks are an issue, and the majority of the playerbase are not happy with them and will never be for a number of reasons, valid reasons btw.


The simplest way to explain this discussion is as such:
Two sides that both believe that they are right and that the other side is completely wrong, so they aren’t willing to find a middle ground. Due to this, both sides refuse every point the other side make regardless of logic put in.

Put simply, about what one should expect from the internet.


I created this thread simply asking for Blizz to update the ‘poor teamwork’ report card to include an example to remove the confusion from both sides of the camp.

Your first post in this thread:

To be fair you came in to this thread with a ‘I can see both sides’ mentality which I actually agree with. I personally find one-tricking to be totally selfish at times.

The problem I have with the current situation isn’t one-tricking itself but one-tricks being falsely reported by the community by twisting the definition of what ‘poor teamwork’ actually means.

Blizzard need to include an example of the report card or remove the reporting option entirely if even they can’t provide an example they’d stand behind.


That’s fair, and reading through it does seem that it mainly started heading from a constructive talk to a destructive argument soon after I made my first post-- and if I played any part of that I do apologize as that was not my intent.

I will readily admit that I did make many mistakes in my posts, such as mis-remembering the rules, which may have played into throwing the conversation off-topic.


they should really change the title, because it is poor teamwork. blizz can say its not reportable all day long, its still poor teamwork, and millions of people dont troll forums or fanboy out on youtube to know that blizzard doesnt want people to take “poor teamwork” literally.


So one tricking is reportable as poor teamwork. But when some one picks Junkrat when we need another tank or healer to complete our team comp and proceeds to spend the game chasing POTG, thats acceptable?


I agree we absolutely need more clarification in the title/examples in the ‘poor teamwork’ report card.

Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with ‘one-tricking’ (I can comfortably swap from dps to tank to support in my rank in comp, which I sincerely doubt one-tricks can do the same) I will defend their right to not be reported for it while Blizzard have the stance hero choice is not a reportable action.

The ‘poor teamwork’ title gets used as a reason to report one-tricks when the definition clearly demonstrates it is not:

From my OP:

We need more clarification as we have one-tricks on one side angry for being reported and ‘everyone else’ on the other side angry one-tricks won’t ‘adapt to the team comp.’


I think what needs to be understood about this issue, and those who defend one tricks, is that the reporting system or even what Blizzard says doesn’t really matter, and i know how this sounds but it’s the truth, the vast majority of players believe that one tricking is not ok and it hurts the game and as long as that is the case it will be a problem no matter what Blizzard says, Blizzard cannot just pick a fight with their whole playerbase because they will run out of players playing the game.

You cannot make a game about switching heroes on the fly in order to adapt to the situation and not expect the vast majority of players to be pissed when some players refuse to engage in what is one of the fundamentals of the game. Blizzard’s stance on this is very passive, they say that people cannot be reported for their hero of choice but it’s not as simple as that and they should know better, i know it sounds bad, but honestly, i feel like Blizzard is just being passive about the issue because they don’t want to get their hands dirty, and in the meanwhile the result is clear, one tricks are suffering and will continue to suffer the consequences.


The two examples you given fall under the Inactivity reporting system:

Inactivity is:
A lack of participation in the game, either by not being at their controllers or not attempting to engage the enemy.

So there is already a report system for this

And lets be frank, they paid money just as much as you do to play the heroes you want, if you don’t like it, then get yourself a team together and play as a team, if you don’t like being in a team, then take your chances at solo queing with the roll of the dice.
Five people don’t get to decide how one person gets to play what hero, they worked as much in the placement tests to find their SR just as much as you did, if you are good, then you be placed higher to not be around many one tricks.
But then again, their are handfuls of one tricks who shown they can reach grandmaster and top 500 so if they can handle through all the bullcrud you people can throw out and still make it to the top, then so be it.




there is no poor teamwork report option anymore… :thinking:


WOO HOO! :smiley: When a lot of people avoid someone it will be the same as a ban.


So, the main thing that I dislike about the “Avoid as Teammate” function is the limit of two people avoided as shown in the PTR patch notes. I do agree with the time frame of avoidance, one week.

As a whole, I think it’s a good compromise between extremes (One-tricks being punished and one-tricks not being punished) and also addresses the issues of toxic players extremely well.


Yep totally agree.

Off-meta one-tricks will likely get insta-ignored by a lot of the community. I’m interested to see how this plays out!