Update 'poor teamwork' one-tricks!


The POOR TEAMWORK report is continually being abused to report one-tricks.

What is Poor Teamwork?
Not trying to complete map objectives or constantly communicating in a negative fashion (I.E. "This team is horrible).

Poor Teamwork is not
Playing a hero that is not considered optimal by the community or staying silent in voice chat.

How is this report function being ‘twisted’ to report one-tricks?
There is clearly a massive misunderstanding of the ‘not trying to complete map objectives’ part of this report:

What needs to change?
Please add an example of ‘not trying to complete map objectives’ in the description of the report. Some good examples:

  • not fighting the enemy
  • hiding in a corner of the map with allies/enemies

People are clearly twisting hero choice to fit the ‘not completing map objectives’ part of the report by saying “their hero choice is being countered.”

Please update with a simple description to remove this confusion.



Let me get this straight
"Poor Teamwork" needs to not be a report option anymore
Let me get this straight

Agreed 100%, not that it will change any minds anyway. You can already point out how they report based on things that are explicitly denied but they just make excuses or pretend they didn’t say exactly what they said.


I feel like there will never be a right answer to one tricking honestly because they’re both right in a certain situation. But if that is their definition, then yes they do need to update the report system…


By adding a clear example of what ‘poor teamwork’ is (i.e. Not fighting the enemy) then it removes this ‘grey area’ where one-trick reporters are trying to justify their reports by saying:

  • poor hero choice = not trying to complete map objectives by being supposedly countered


And with a clearer statement of what is abuse of the report feature, more action could be taken against people who abuse it to help cut down on bogus reports.


I don’t care who you play, as long as you try your best, and help us win, I’m good.

I swear, I’ll take any one tricks I can get. I’m stuck with a bunch of morons who have no idea what they are doing😂


Please… please stick to the existing thread.


I believe this is another failing of the report system. It seems to work on a ‘volume’ of reports against player A = player A likely guilty and thus ban.

It’s an automated system, how does it know it’s receiving false reports?


  • Player A reports Player B’s Symmetra for ‘greifing’ (feeding enemy team), Player B’s data shows they had only died twice during the match. 2 deaths is clearly to be expected by engaging in team-fights.

Does this report still go through? It surely adds to the ‘tally’ of reports Player B will receive…


Not to mention that some heroes like Symmetra can be very low-impact even when played well so looking st their stats for the game may SEEM like they were throwing based on general statistics, but that’s an issue with hero not the player.


…so if they were playing Torb and your team was losing, what’s your opinion then?


Simple solution change ranked requirements so that you are required to have played at least 2 characters from each bracket for 10-20hrs.


I’ve often thought this myself…

…but Jeff has said something to the effect of “It’s dangerous when we dictate who people can and cannot play.”

By having a multi-hero requirement for ranked they’re semi-forcing you to play 2 heroes.

Honestly, Blizz need to make their minds up here haha!


See, here’s the thing. Even if you (like me) hate the idea of one tricks and think that it should be a bannable offense in Competitive…you shouldn’t report them. Blizz has said that you can’t report them for this, so don’t. It messes up legitimate reports. Will I argue that one-tricking should be bannable in competitive? Yes. Will I report people if it isn’t bannable? No. And that is how it should work.


At that point it’s not dictating.

They are still free to choose who to play, just not mode of play. It’s no different than the arbitrary level 25 restriction on ranked other than enforcing that people in ranked play at the very least have played with and against enough of the roster to understand strengths and weaknesses.


I disagree with the thing about playing off point until they fix Torbjorn and Symmetras kits. Torb does well playing off point on high ground. Symmetra does well by making nests to fortify her ultimate that the flankers then have to attack/trade ultimates for. Yeah, if there was a tracer playing off point doing nothing, then I would consider that throwing, but for the builders it could be detrimental.


I agree in part, I more feel one-tricks can be selfish at times but I earnestly defend their right to not be reported whilst that is Blizzard’s stance.

Some clarification in the report window for ‘poor teamwork’ would clear a lot of this up and make false reports more accountable.


There’s a TLDR at the end

I personally disagree on some of the statements.
I don’t believe that one-tricks inherently are anti-teamwork-- many one-tricks actually require really good team-work. The main issue arrives when they are unable to adapt the team’s compositions, resulting in a loss for the team. You could argue that the team should adapt to the one-trick, and I agree with this train of thought. But when the one-trick is also unable to explain why in a concise and logical manner along with a plan (ie. Sym. as a DPS w/ a Mercy and Moira, where Mercy is pocketing Sym) is when the one-trick becomes anti-teamwork.

Part of teamwork is explaining a plan, and the idea behind it, and accepting when the team doesn’t adopt your plan and adapting to that choice.

Another example of what I consider anti-teamwork is when the one-trick demands the team play around them. For example, semi-recently I was playing with a one-trick Sym. Now, I had no issue with this. We started on defense, and they demanded the Mercy pocket them. The Mercy didn’t, and kept the tanks alive because the Sym didn’t fit our composition. The Sym played as if the Mercy was pocketing, and got rolled. This led to our complete loss. Now on attack, I tried to (politely, in my opinion) point out that Sym isn’t good on attack (There are many scenarios in which this is untrue, such as barrier+turret pointed out by a response. I don’t wish to perpetuate false information, and I do admit this was more than slightly salt-driven at the time because of the entire lack of team-work the Sym was showing). They denied the statement in it’s entirety (Edit: They did say that they normally had a team to work with them, and probably just assumed everyone knew how to do this comp). This is anti-teamwork, and why the Overwatch community believes one-tricks to be anti-teamwork.

I’m sorry if the end seemed like a bit of a rant, it’s completely unintended.

Some one-tricks are anti-teamwork, which paints the entirety of them in a bad light (even if it’s unjustified in many situations).
Teamwork is working with the team, not going off playing your own way (this isn’t a jab against people who have few mic communications, there are other reaction based ways of working with your team such as seeing your Rein charge in and nano-boosting them as Ana or shielding them as Zarya)


Yeah as I mentioned, I’ve thought of this myself and I like the idea! :slight_smile:

It could be something like a 1:1 or 5:5 ratio, once you have 5 games on one hero, you need 5 on another before the old hero can be chosen again.

It does ‘force’ the player to chose someone else but would be positive in our community by building hero pools in the player base.


I get called a one trick when i use off meta champs… even though i can play, do switch to counter enemy and so on and so forth…

It is a crutch for bad players using meta champs. They see a sym, bastion or torb and they can rest the blame on one player… even though they are getting hard countered and dont switch.


Except it’s not…

Poor teamwork is not (from the report card)
Playing a hero that is not considered optimal by the community or staying silent in voice chat.

You didn’t think Sym was viable on attack, they felt it was. Their choice, not reportable.