Update about the 10/21/2021 Experimental Card


Let not one day go by I do not remind you that you are a blessing.

Not only is it valuable to know where you got your feedback, but also sharing the insights of what is considered. The transparency is something I absolutely appreciate. Thank you! You make the community better and help me put faith back into the developer team. I appreciate it, a lot.


That’s precisely the problem, why even add heroes if one is expected to not play them if they want to win except in VERY niche situations? I would argue that its a damn stupid idea to even have those heroes in the first place.


The correct Junkrat argument is: Junkrat is already a hero with a low skill ceiling, lowered even further in the exp card.

I am more concerned in blizzard wanting to help Torbjorn stay competitive, even during experimental he remains ignored.

Torb is blatantly broken. Press buttons for insane value in any rank.

I mean it’s nice that the Dev’s listened and responded for a change. Though I do wonder what they were thinking with most of these changes to begin with. None of them seemed to really address anything considered a problem any one really had with the game.

The Mcree air roll was a pipe dream people asked for ages. But further thought would make it pretty strong against various counters.

Torb needs something, not sure if what they gave him was the right answer though.

Junk was just a bad idea.


love what ur doing Mr AndyB .
I for myself will keep doing Feedbacks .
a second feedback later about Moira and Junk .
Thanks again .

This has always been my argument. Gatekeeping hero’s to lower elo’s because the hero is “low skill” makes no sense. Why have them in the game at all if they are not allowed to succeed? The few times said hero’s do find a way to work they get nerfed with in a week.

Every hero in OW plays in a unique way and other than basic game sense very little transfers over. It always struck me as silly to have hero’s for people to play, get attached to and then tell them once they hit Gold their no longer viable and you have to swap to say Widow after playing junkrat.

That’s the problem, most people in here aren’t, there is a widespread belief that the developers play favorites, specially from the noisiest of people.

Agreed completely but I don’t know how it relates to what I said.

You missed an important part of what I wrote, you might want to go back an read again.

I’m gonna be honest, it almost feels like the experimental was done so we could get a “we listen to your feedback” when it didn’t go through. Case in point: McCree already got an experimental midair roll in the past.

So glad that you took an accurate assessment of the feedback, namely the Junkrat one. To a lot of us Junk players, adding fall off damage makes him worse and much less consistent.

I personally wouldn’t mind him staying the way he is now on the regular balance because even though he gained more damage in the experimental card up close, the guessing game of how much damage was received from a distance isn’t worth it to me.

Projectiles shouldn’t have fall off damage to me.

In my opinion this is happening because in the past we’ve seen changes go through to the live game when literally everyone was screaming please no what are you doing. Like with Genji’s giga buffs last year and Cassidy’s 225 HP.

The only case besides Genji I remember specifically being walked back (after it made it to live) was Brigitte’s +25HP buff which because it was Brigitte got the community all rallied (against her) as it was (erroneously if you ask me) thought a 25hp buff would bring back double shield, instead, she got nerfed and double shield came back anyway because of Baptiste’s buffs which nobody complained about (even with his ultimate cost left readjusted and broken for a month and a half).

Anyway, sorry for the rant.


now all we need is 200hp cassidy and his flash nerfed and he would be less OP :cowboy_hat_face:


sardonic chuckle

Also Moira’s changes that never made it to live and the Cassidy roll changes (which I believe were literally these changes) that never made it to live.

I am curious though as to the goal of this EXC. I have to assume it was targetting double shield somehow because nothing else really makes sense. Shields certainly would get blown up faster (though sadly so would those behind them).

You mean skill floor.

apparently experienced junkrat players.

the op (Or I guess the players if they are quoting?) used incorrect terminology. lowering the skill ceiling means the level a high skilled player can reach is smaller, it doesnt mean low experienced players get more value. Low experienced players getting more value, means the skill floor is rising (putting them above the opposition giving them a larger advantages). They didnt word for word say it, but its what they mean when they say low experienced players are getting more value.

Moira’s changes were stated at the time (repeatedly) to be iterative and trying to have the community in the fold but it clearly didn’t work out as intended as we had certain influencers creating mass panic over anything that wasn’t a straight nerf or the equivalent of delete this hero because I don’t like it.

I would have been happy if they had gone through with a reasonable rework because giving up left the hero basically useless until the recent slight buffs.

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I’ve been wondering…if a hero has a rework slated for OW2, does that mean they will not be touched between now and OW2’s release?

Like, are they locked into some permanent stasis build for the next year or two?

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In what world do you see OW2 taking 2 years when they are already having a pro beta version ready for the big screen in April? That would basically imply sitting on a finished product for about a year just not releasing it.

I guess my individual feedback goes against the grain, would love to see what the dev team says about each point, thank you andy