Unsurprisingly, Mercy’s Winrate is Rising

Link said policy please.

Evidently not if people are already saying that old Mercy was more fun.

Soooo trash the other hero so you can force them to play other heroes?? That’s stupid and is certainly not what they are doing. You can tell this much from the developer comments they made when nerfing her heals.

Like I said, her being the best main healer is not relevant to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so hung up on asking Blizzard to bring back mass Resurrect with tweaks. Also, Mercy’s winrate dropped at an astounding rate. That much shows how much impact this nerf had on Mercy.

This is just BS. I’m always said that current Mercy is BORING. They reworked a balanced and fun hero and a year later, she’s suddenly balanced again but now boring af.

Nice use of ad hominem there.

No. We’ve waited a year. We need fixes now.

High ground and cover drastically increase her survivability when she has vertical mobility and needs to stand still in order to Resurrect, she has map affinity like any other character and how your team positions around the terrain is what enables her.

no… there are more heroes out there who need help.
the devs need to focus on those heroes… this game is not all about mercy.

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I wonder why a rework that made the game all about Mercy for a year was neccessary then…

You do realize they discuss balance on Discord with pros for a reason and that their policy can be inferred merely by precedent?

Mercy is boring, she was boring then, she was boring now and the only thing that matters is whether or not she’s balanced. The rework was a disaster, that doesn’t mean it was wrong.

People are tuning out the Mercy complaints because they’ve always been over reactions to her nerfs when the character was still obviously broken. I swear Mercy players really don’t have any understanding of their power level in relation to the other supports or sympathy for what Ana had to go thru for 6 seasons. Asking Mercy players to adapt to the new reality isn’t a lot, she is still a really good character.

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And you expect me to believe this because?

Again, that would literally make no sense since people are already saying that old Mercy was more fun.

Reworked Mercy would like to have a word with you.

I encourage you to read this:

If you have any inquiries, reply to the thread itself and you will get a response ASAP.

You’d know by now that most of the complaints on the forums are not balance related…

Most of us want mass Resurrect back. When mass Resurrect existed, Ana was actually usable… I don’t like the rework and I don’t like the fact that they are so committed to it which is why I don’t like the nerfs. Everyone has to suffer because of the rework.

Again, they went from Balanced to OP and then back to balanced but now she’s boring as f*ck. We don’t care about how balanced she is. We just want her to be fun and feel impactful to play. (Her on-fire rate is a joke)

You don’t have to believe me and I hope they give you exactly what you’re asking for, because rolled back Mercy wasn’t competitive then and would be unplayable now after the rest of the support roster has been buffed in relation to reworked Mercy.

So if it’s the only thing you guys want and makes Mercy even worse off then I am totally down for it.

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For this to be accepted as fact, you would have to show that this alternative is false:

Bad mercy players started losing due to nerfs. Then they quit playing mercy.

You say she’s niche, but is she really? Is she map specific or comp specific? Maybe. You’re getting close.

As long as she is fun genius which is what I’m complaining about after all, or did you just skip the part where I said that balance is not relevant to me?

When mercy mains said mercy would die from this change

nah you just arent overpowered anymore and the only main support that matters anymore

Moth meta is dead, praise jeff


Jeff is the one who created and perpetuated the Moth meta. No praise for him.

And Mercy IS dead. Not in power level (Apart from a hybrid and an secondary helaer now outhealing her in pure average numbers) - but because she feels abhorrent to play. Sluggish, frustrating and boring.

She needs a rework. One that would make her as strong as she is now or before the rollback AND actually fun to play again.

good luck with that honestly.


She’s not dead, she’s just non viable. She’s the lowest win rate healer plat-gm. In diamond-gm she’s the lowest by a lot (the next highest is 3% higher). She’s below the tier average in every single tier. She’s in the bottom 2 winrates period in every tier diamond-gm. If you’re playing her then you’re deranking.

That’s not what a non overpowered character looks like. That’s what a non viable character looks like.

if she was not viable she would be dead. Just because she has the lowest winrate of the healers doesnt mean she isnt viable, just means other heroes are either more fun, or more useful in other situations. Mercy is niche now, in the most balanced state shes been in.


better non-viable than OP at this point. let’s hope that when they rework her next year they make her viable but not OP, and fun to boot.

If she had a lowest pickrate it would mean other heroes are more fun or useful in some situations. If she just straight up have the worst winrate by far… that is very much a sign of her being not viable. Because it literally says that other heroes give you a better chance of winning. That is what unviable means.

Her winrate rose for what a day and came back down? Let’s wait until the new season starts and see where this butchered hero is. I dont care about rez or valk, I just want to play the game and fulfill my job as a healer, not stand completely still for 2 seconds or watch all of my teammates die while I can do nothing about it.

she is viable, just no longer the best of the supports.

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If she has the lowest winrate of all supports by a 3% margin to the next worst. I’d say that is pretty much the case of “Unviable”.

I hate it when people use viable and meta interchangeably

You can be viable and not meta…they’re NOT the same thing

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