Unplayable Low FPS


I finally got the game to run without crashing my PC since the Busan update by updating my BIOS. But now the FPS in-game is horrible. :I I don’t know what else to say, I’m frustrated and tired.


Have you tried any of the optimization suggestions? There really isn’t enough info to help you from your post.


The only thing I’ve done so far is check my graphics driver, which was already up to date. I’m not about to buy any new hardware, and honestly I shouldn’t have to lower my game settings. It’s clear the patch caused this problem for me and a lot of other players. They can’t just release a patch that makes the game look worse or perform worse. It was fine before, you know? It’s not like I just bought “Overwatch 2” and I should expect it to be more demanding on my computer; it’s still the same game.

Anyway, my PC settings should already be optimised so I doubt there’s anything I can change that will make the game much better.


same thing is still happening to me i did a fresh install of my drivers and have the same problem i played on ultra just fine before the patch now i get below 20 fps every game when i used to get 60+ fps


Well if you don’t want to try to fix the problem I guess my work here is done. gl!


Even with running everything on its lowest settings, people still aren’t getting anything close to what they had pre-Busan patch. It’s frustrating when a game works flawlessly then gets patched and people tell you it’s your hardware and config. Nothing has changed on our end since then. It’s all on the game we spent money and lots of time playing (which im now decaying on).


ya i’m sick of people saying it’s on our end just because they don’t have the bug when all we did was update the game


this nicole person is literally trying to downplay how bad the issues are. oh just do this, tweak that, call your isp, update your drivers, update bios, etc…
this many people are having these issues and its on our end lol okay
swear to god.
its not on our end. its blizz.


thats all that person does lol


No, I’m just saying if you don’t want to even bother with troubleshooting steps and just cast blame on someone else, there’s nothing the people who VOLUNTEER their time in this forum can help you with. 99% of problems we’ve solved in the forums are user or ISP-related errors. Do the steps, report results, keep investigating, or just complain into the void and absolutely nothing changes. Your choice!


when the only thing that changed on someones pc was a blizzard update for overwatch it’s on blizzard I’ve seen a bunch of people try all the troubleshooting options myself included and it fixes nothing something needs to be done


Correlation doesn’t imply causation. They have not made any statements regarding a major issue with this update, and it’s been working even better than last patch for me personally (and others). My best guess is that it is related to a common piece of hardware or graphics drivers that you all share. Or maybe even a peripheral. That is why these troubleshooting stickies exist: To help rule out things on your PC or connection that it could be. But without any of this data, is Blizzard just supposed to test every single combination of PC setups (peripherals/hardware/software) on the planet? That just isn’t possible. Plus, this tech support forum is a courtesy service, as your software purchase doesn’t come with guaranteed solutions to any issues you encounter.


Same problem, but on my higher end rig. Overwatch should be getting 160fps in near all situations with my 1080Ti @ 1440p, but randomly it can dip to 70-100 fps for a whole game, and the next game will be totally fine at 160fps constant. it’s really infuriating.


Nicole is actually trying to help. They tried to help and went through my Dxdiag line by line trying to help me in another post. In no way trying to downplay what’s happening. Nicole actually helped me get rid of the rendering issue I was having.

I sent my new computer in for repair of an overheating issue before the patch and when I got it back it after the update it started this low FPS from 150 down to 6 at random times. And now the lost rendering device is back.


i dunno. this doesnt seem like it on our end when all of a sudden all these people are having these issues lol


Thank you for the kind words, sometimes people think I’m brainwashed by Blizzard but I’m just trying to keep it real. Happy to go through another dxdiag with you if you start a new thread for it.


May have to do that lol. It started right back up after I got it back and this new FPS thing really has me for a loop.