Unplayable Lag [UK]

I know their seems to be a issue with verizon rn, but i am located in the UK, my broadband service seems to be fine, everything else is running absolutely fine, pingtest and speedtest results are as normal, but i have unplayable lag, i get 30ms and then all of a sudden im at 190…

You’ll want to include the WinMTR also :slight_smile:

Common Technical Issues and Solutions - #30 by Drakuloth

How do i go about getting the address to connect to? :expressionless:

Play quickplay and get the address from the netgraph in-game.

Full instructions here:

I cant evne get into QP rn

Okay, you didn’t mention that in the OP, just that you’re lagging at 190ms. Everything you need is on the instructions page, including which IP to use if you cannot connect.

I keep losing connection to battle net :expressionless:

You won’t need a connection to battlenet to run the test. Are you having an issue with the instructions? Maybe I can help.