Unkillable Reaper

dies to reaper once

plat players: "UNKILLABLE"


If 50% barely changes him, I doubt 35% would have done anything. The funny part is that all these people who do not want to play against Reaper are legit advocating for a BETTER buff. That is how backwards this situation is. I wish everyone just took a week to adapt or something.

I agree. This buff doesn’t seem too useful for the higher ranks, and just encourages the “durrrr, me run in and shoot thing” playstyle in plat and below.

(Which is freaking obnoxious to play against)

I mean clearly the intention was to counter goats, which is only played effectively at around the highest ranks, like master gm and maybe diamond. But at the lower ranks where goats is basically as useful as 2-2-2 comp, reaper is just overkill. I get that it’s impossible to balance ofr every rank but I hope that at after a while when they see that reaper dosent counter goats they will revert the buff or at least make LS less so he’s less “run in and shoot” at lower ranks

Yeh why are you on the payload or on th epoint together, duh, Spread out all over the place and it won’t happen. oO

Just throwing this out there since we’re on the topic Reaper:

Lmfao i find this to funny good one bro.

This is why I don’t understand the buff at all. Reaper isn’t difficult to play, and his weaknesses are still present post-buff, but he’s easier than ever to play if you’re not playing against competent snipers or people with on-point CC management.

Are buffs supposed to make heroes better or easier? :thinking:

here we go again comparing gm to the other trash tiers in this game…

The only counter I really hate is Brigitte. Flashbang is survivable and if you get past its a good chance. Brigitte is a lot more than a one-shot against Reaper - avoid. But I agree with OP. Tank meta gave way to CC/brute dps meta and its chopped a chunk off the game - tactical protected movement.

Simple answer: think in which is the buff, gaining life. The nerf to armor is for everyone and that’s it. But for reaper the answer is veeery easy: discord him. Zen can do it and Ana too. This two heroes make Reaper loose his buff for a few seconds (Ana) and for much longer time (Zen). If being discorded Reaper keep doing damage it’s just perfect, because it’s certain death.

This is clearly another example of how impressionable can the community be over one small number tweek.

Reaper is still the same character, with the same weaknesses. What is changed is that he is better at surviving to characters that he was DESIGNED to counter.

His overall survivability against smaller targets is basically unaffected, unless u let him shoot u in pointblank, i which case it’s entirely your fault.

So whats ur problem with it again? U cant win against him as Roadhog / rein / dva? Too bad, try playing as a team against him next time.

Just click him in the head, or are snipers suddenly no longer an issue on these forums? :thinking:

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Even in low ranks he’s easy to counter.
You play healer? Go Ana (debuff and sleep are so strong against him) or you can also go Zen to deny his ult
You play DPS? Any long range hero deny him (Widow, Hanzo, Ashe, even Soldier) and, right now, his best counter his McCree with FB+FTH
You play Tank? Orisa, D.va or Zarya are still strong against him.

The Life steal amount is obnoxious. They feel near immortal… Also if you try to flee, they just mist drift towards you .
They dont die and hit hard and suck back any damage u dealt… tough. I can only think of a widow, hanzo or ashe sniping them to death at this point

Want to kill reaper? Don’t feed him.

Or a brig, or an Ana, or a Mccree, or Ashe knocking him away, dva matrixing, hog hooking, Orisa halt or shield blocking, brig whipshot, bruh have you tried anything other than complaining?

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Why would anybody get death blossomed unless you have no Rein or DVA or Brigitte.

But lets say we do make him more kill able, will he be good against any tanks? Any except Roadhog?

Not sure cause I dont watch streamers, but arent majority of them are OWL players? Like Seagull, Effect, Jjonak or Saebyolbae

Well, they say they do internal testing, and it really, really makes me wonder who are they talking about ? I find it hard to believe all their “internal testers” who also strangely approved Brigitte in her introduction are to be trusted in the least. It’s clear there is no vetting process, the primary dev responsible for balance is an autocrat, what he says goes, so we end up with things like a a 50% instead of something more moderated like say 40% to start.

I had suspicions that Mercy was a overnerfed on healing for some reason with some upcoming change or character, and I think it was the planned Reaper changes. With his change plus her pushing 60 hps, he truly would be unstoppable. It seems beyond giving Ana room to be meta, the change was done in part with an eye towards the Reaper change.