Unfair SR drops after crash

Ok, so there seems to be an issue with the RTX line of graphics cards. Settings for me a stock so it shouldn’t give an issue, yet it does.

While that is annoying AF on its own, along comes the competitive system to screw me over even more. I get the error, log right back in (takes less than 10 seconds)…yet i can’t join my game anymore and gives me a loss. It is totally unfair cause i WANT TO go back to that game.

Dropped well over 300 SR just for this alone and just now i’m suspended from comp for 2 hours as well.

Bit harsh in my opinion.

This game is so good, but systems like this (that unfairly punish you) really take all the joy out of it

There is no way for the server to know if you crashed legitimately or if you force-closed the game. Because of this even crashes must be punished.

If you leave/crash in the first minute of a match, the match is cancelled so the others don’t have to play 5v6.

If you crash often, don’t play comp until it is fixed since you will ruin games for people.


Good comment, but this isn’t what i am adressing.

You are clearly well aware of the mechanics so you know the “match cancelled” timer takes way longer than the 10 seconds it takes me to get back into the game

All i am adressing is that it should let me reconnect during that timer

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They still haven’t figured out the crashing problem with the RTX cards?
It’s been a thing for at least a couple months now.

Absolutely unacceptable.

That timer is not meant for the leaver. The 10 second countdown is a visual warning for all other players to alert them the match is going to be cancelled so that they won’t freak out when they are kicked to the main menu. Even if you successfully return during that 10 seconds, the match still cancels.

There is a known workaround to this problem here:

That’s all well and good if that workaround works, but the thing I find unacceptable is that the RTX cards have been out for like 9 months now and for most of that time, they’ve been problematic for Overwatch.
It’s not like they’re an obscure line of cards with low market share, either. They’re the most popular cards of this generation. I’d think that fixing bugs like this would be top priority.

I mean personally I’m not affected right now as I run an AMD setup but stuff like this definitely influences my decisions when it’s time to upgrade.

There was similar issues for all AMD cards back in 2017 and it took months to resolve (with the only workaround being to keep the AMD graphic drivers stuck at a certain version). Other games have various issues with specific series of cards as well. They will eventually get it fixed, but this is a long-term problem that Blizzard and NVidia are working to resolve together.

You willingly joined multiple games even though you knew you had this problem.

You ruined other people’s game and deserve the punishment.

I had the AMD issue for months, so I had to use an older driver to play Overwatch at all (like @WyomingMyst said). Eventually, I believe it was fixed on AMD’s end, so there wasn’t much Blizzard could do about it.

I think it’s unfair that even if your video card crashes before the game starts, you lose 100 SR for every role, not just the one you’re queued for. I think you should only lose SR on par with losing that game and only if the game has started. You wouldn’t lose 100 SR for each role even if you lost the game. I also think that if you crash in the middle of the game, it should give you more time to rejoin.