Unexpected server error

Don’t bother. I’ve gotten to the front of the queue twice and it’ll just boot you out again.


when you at a season high, get z9ed

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Yeah, we need to understand them.

That’s why I said see you tomorrow :))

Got through the queue and got no overwatch license to start OW funny stuff.

Hang on everyone, I am checking with Blizzard Tech Support right now. I do believe there is a mass issue in progress.

Please avoid Competitive Play for now. Penalties cannot be reversed. Details here:


It’s happening here in the US as well

At least, the queuing system still works :upside_down_face:

What is that supposed to mean? We got booted out during a match. How are we supposed to "avoid " that. We ll get a penalty for nothing.

See the linked post I provided for details.

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Umm that post won’t help anybody lol. SR is already lost

Exactly! I don’t get why people are complaining. It’s not like Blizzard is this huge billion-dollar company. Cut them some slack, guys.


e.e I was just starting to play.

It explains why things work the way they do. SR losses from Penalties often recover as you play and realign your SR to your hidden MMR.

damn I just dc’d from comp this sucks

They are probably cooking some new Overwatch Rein-Steak on the servers. Gonna make a lot of money from it boysssss

in US as well here so it seems to be server wide

I was in the middle of the a game and got thrown out, 2k queue and then error. Then 6k queue and error. Now 8k queue error. Feels awesome to be able to play the game during the event. (EU)

I imagine all hell breaks lose in Blizz HQ :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously? I’m having no issues. Maybe it’s just a small portion of players???