Undeserved Suspensions - Game Crashes

Two problems with what you’re saying.

The bigger one is that a loss of connection would NOT provide Blizzard with a dump file, ergo you can’t just cut out your wifi.

The other problem is that Blizzard DOES see what happens, they have the dump file.

When the game crashes, I’m asked to send the dump file to the server. This means, that they already created one, so they know I’ve crashed. Why not also send a message to the server saying I crashed as well? You don’t even need to know the contents of the dump file, because you KNOW I crashed.

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Again ANYTHING can cause a disconnect. Not just unplugging wifi.

going back to the dislike map idea.

I could open a program like MSIAfterburner and overclock my GPU to a level that I knew it couldn’t handle causing the driver to fail and recover which would also cause a game crash.

I could disable the GPU in device manager causing the game to crash.

My point is this sort of thing is abusable.

First of all, if somebody is damaging their GPU or any other component by overclocking it that far, they’re already punishing themselves far more than a suspension.

Also, disabling your GPU won’t 100% crash your game, but it WILL cause a lot more problems that you can bargain for. You’re switching over to integrated graphics, something which you’re supposed to be doing in BIOS - PRIOR to booting your computer.

You are correct, I’m sure there’s ways of abusing it, however with the dump file can’t you check HOW the game crashed? Or alternatively, provide a suspension for the players who frequently crash - So frequently that it’s not a coincidence - so as to rule out any sort of abuse. This method could still get innocent people suspended however the net amount of innocent people would be far lower.

Even so, the percentage of players abusing would be one of the tiniest fractions imaginable, especially with all the potential damage to your system, whereas the number of innocent gamers suspended far exceeds the number of people who would potentially abuse it.

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Then good for those people who do so

What kind of harm/damage would this be doing to other players

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You can’t be serious?? Really?? Of course disabling the piece of hardware that is rendering the game will cause it to crash?? Are you running 29th century PC hardware that keeps working when disabled?? Having an I-GPU wont save you. You will still require a game restart because the current rendering device has stopped working. It doesn’t just simply swap GPU’s.

Firstly with maxwell, pascal and volta based GPU’s. Theres no real danger to overclocking your GPU. Even beyond what it can handle.

I could open an overclocking program right now and put +1000MHz on core clock. The worst it would do is lockup my PC. Which isn’t a smart thing to do but there’s no real damage inflicted. GPU’s nowadays are built with protective measures for such a scenario.

Secondly. You have no idea how many people would abuse the system. It could be as you said. A very small amount. But it can also be half the playerbase. Theres a lot of disliked maps in OW.

What difference does it make HOW the game crashed? The fact is. It crashed. The point I’m making is no matter which way you look at it. This can be abused and should not be changed / lifted under any circumstances.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a genuine game freeze or you spilt chocolate yazoo over your power supply. You disconnected and must suffer the consequences of that action.

Take a look at this

Not only removing this kind of suspension can be abused, but just because you didn’t mean it, doesn’t change the fact you have caused problems to at least 5 other players (6 if the other team was looking for an actual fight). If you say “but I came back before the match ended”, just see how someone going afk for 30 seconds can affect your match.

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It was so early that you dc’ed and you have to reconnect within 10 seconds. I don’t see what the big deal is, a server can’t tell why you left.

See that’s where you’re wrong. There is a damn good reason why GPU’s need to be replaced every once in a while, and it makes this case very clear. GPU’s don’t last forever, and last depending on your usage. I had to replace a GPU because it died, plain and simple, and I’m more than 100% sure that overclocking it beyond it’s limits, or any component for that matter, is damaging it, reducing the time it lasts drastically. And should I mention that at some point of overclocking, it becomes a fire hazard? I mean really, people don’t have liquid nitrogen cooling their systems and if you were to overclock it that far you’re sure to generate a lot of heat, my system runs very hot as it is. I can go on and on about the dangers of doing this but my point is that the risk/reward is not high, and is more rock bottom. You don’t like the map so you’ll happily damage your PC and potentially start a fire to skip it? Go ahead but don’t assume that anybody with half a brain will be doing this. You’re punishing everybody for the “potential” abuse. Regardless of any of this, read below because crash dumps exist and I feel as though you’re unaware.

I’m convinced you haven’t put any thought into this comment so I’ll be brief. If the game bugs out, BEFORE I even load in, how am I at fault? The developers basically screwed me over at that point. They can tell what error caused the game to crash, so why am I punished for THEIR bugs? Chocolate yazoo should not be a valid reason for disconnecting but the game crashing due to THEIR bugs should be. I wasn’t even given time to rejoin, my game crashed before even seeing the map, and I logged back in to see a suspension because they gave me 10 whole seconds. Explain how that’s my fault.

i’m playing this game since beta and never had “game crash”. What am i doing wrong? Game crashes is your problem - reinstall game, buy new SSD w/o errors, check your ISP, etc.

I had 2-3 times “stuck at loading screen” bug, but thats it.

First of all that would be 11 people, but it shows how much thought you put into this comment already.

But more importantly I’d like to ask, have you read the topic at all? I wasn’t GIVEN a chance to reconnect, had they let me I would have joined during hero select and the game would have gone on just fine. THEIR bug crashed my game and THEY didn’t give me a chance to relog. Why is this my fault?

This wasn’t a random dc during the game (where I could have reconnected because at that point it gives you 2 minutes it doesn’t just end the match), this wasn’t me leaving for 2 whole minutes, this was the game crashing as I found a match and then it doesn’t even give me a chance to rejoin. Read the topic before looking like a moron. The thread you linked doesn’t even go over this issue so it’s just wasting space on the forums server. Kilobytes of valuable space wasted.

I’m not “looking like a moron” because I’m not by any means saying it was your fault that you didn’t get to play. The link was meant for you to read an understand why Blizzard suspension system works like that and why they probably won’t change it. Sorry if into your blind rage you took it as an offense instead of an explanation.

Um hello? They have the crash dump, they can definitely tell why I crashed. Please read the thread before commenting.

Dude, literally, read the thread.

What happened to me was a bug, there’s nothing wrong with my system and I’d been playing all day. I’d like to ask you, were you penalized for the “stuck at loading screen” bug? Was THAT fair? Same situation pal. My computer is more than capable and if you want my specs I’m happy to throw them out there. This suspension had nothing to do with me, it was Blizzard’s fault.

Doesn’t matter. Blizzard is bad with servers, and if you play you sign up for it.

Really, what’s the point of posting this? That literally applies to any changes or any patches that come out and even applies to Blizzard suddenly killing OW. Your comment is useless and adds nothing valuable whatsoever.

My favorite is this:

imgur 9WLNNDw.jpg

I had several failed to connect to server, received penalty for it because Blizzards server doesn’t work. Lost a lot of rating due to it and on top of it I get suspended because their server didn’t work.

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This just happened to me the other day. Loading into comp on the hero select, game crashed and froze my whole computer. Also heard it happening to other people so I’m sure it’s not on my side

people with perfect PCs and perfect internet don’t want you in their games because you might actually be skilled
Jeff can’t have any NON-toxic people passing his rank so he has this system
and then he tells his forum puppets to tell them that they are in the wrong and ruin the experience for OTHERS because they aren’t hardwired into the blizzard server

If it is Blizzard’s fault and they refuse to fix it you accept the loss.

no. we. don’t. we paid for a finished and fixed game, not a service, not a “oh well”

What a stupid philosophy to live by, although that’s your choice. Meanwhile normal people like myself will voice their opinions, even if nothing comes of it then at least I’ve tried. They offer a game, they offer microtransactions, and they should also be responsible for the quality of their products. Just stop commenting when you’re clearly wasting your own time and KILOBYTES of forum space.