Unbalanced Matching

Granted, i have been with overwatch through console since the first two weeks of it’s release day and little over two years ago, i have stopped playing due to Overwatch 2 being released. Yes, big mistake on my part for stopping but i had no choice due to picking up a job and taking care of a sick parent since i had little to no time at that time to play it.

Now that i started back up it. I noticed that Overwatch 2 has some bad flaws. Paying for a story line was one of them. Granted, It’s probably worth it, or it might not be, who knows.

Another is the ungodly matching. I just on there, play a bit quick play and i notice that, if i get one win, it’s followed by 20 loss’s and im not saying that im a rusty player or it’s the others that don’t know how to play.

I honestly believe Blizzard could do better by noticing that their balance system to matchmaking has gotten worst. Honestly, Overwatch (one) had better matchmaking through quickplay and actually tied the correct players to have a decent match (A Fun one). Now it’s like hard on quick play to even try to find a fun, decent match without being overruled by excellent players.

I rather play against worst players like myself, rather then those who been in competitive for so long in overwatch 2.

Im not one to complain, just point this out. Yall can laugh at this post and make stupid remarks or comments like “Get good” and stuff like that. I been a gamer for 6 years and half the games i played did not have this bad of matchmaking.

I prefer having matchmaking the way it was in the first game with leveling tiers, (In opinion: I believed that is what kept the balance of matchmaking stabled) going and honestly if i could go back in time, i would continue to try and rank my leveling up even more.

At this point, im thinking that Competitive may have an even worst matchmaking then Quickplay.