Unable to Rejoin a Ranked Match?

Hi, my internet is not stable these days.It crashes like for 10 seconds and connects back. Idk why this happens but when i try to rejoin a ranked match, i’m unable to do it.Why? It is like 10 seconds nothing more. Blizzard need to fix this.It really damages game quality. And i see that there is A LOT OF people who is having some problem like from 2016 to 2018 and still this issue happens. Can anyone tell me what the heck is that?


I had a very similar problem with my Xbox. I was in a competitive game in Lunar Colony, where after the enemy team had lost a player over a minute into the game and whom never came back, I soon afterward was kicked from the game as well. My internet is fine; endure some spikes in my wireless connection. The problem I had was when I knew the internet problem had subsided I tried to re-enter into the comp game that I was kicked out of only to notice that I not only couldn’t rejoin but also lost sr. This lost almost costed me my rank as a diamond player. I just want to make sure it won’t happen again, please help.

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Disconnections counts as leaving and depending on when it happens the match will either cancel (because it was in the early part of the match) or it ended normally, which is why you could not rejoin. Details on the leaver rules can be found here:

Remember if you are disconnecting frequently to stop playing Competitive and work with troubleshooting your connection or run connection tests such as WinMTR test to see if any connection issues are present between you and the server.

Why should we be punished if it is the server side of the game cause us to disconnect since I use lan cord

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