Unable to log you in (PC)

The server just kicked me from a comp game within the first few seconds (internet connection was fine). Her’s how it went:

  • Got a 6-stack via LFG
  • Searched for a comp game
  • Game started
  • Got sent back to main menu after a few seconds
  • Was still able to hear the people for 2 seconds
  • Login Screen

On the login screen I got the Error “Unable to log you in” several times. It showed a blue “Dev Login” Button, though, which apparently should not happen on the live build?

I managed to get back in after a lot of tries, 50 SR lost and suspended for 10 minutes.

They are investigating connection issues.

But just fyi, they do not reward SR back under any circumstances. More info: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties