Umm. Molten core WASN"T THE PROBLEM

He is summoning his dragon! He did not transform yet! Are you daft?
You STILL CANNOT STOP HIM AT THIS PHASE, not with hack, not with stuns. That is the point.(Same with bastion mid transform same with soldier bringing out his visor).

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lol the only thing embarrassing is the amount of people who agreed with my thoughts on sombra mains :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

alright believe what you like, as a genji main who has been stopped from transforming by a sombra hack on numerous occasions, you I can tell you if the hack is timed right, the ult doesn’t happen.

I understand the fear that they’re going to ruin Torbjorn, but honestly it might actually be good this time. After the screw up on Symmetra and the heat they’re taking with Sombra, there’s going to be a ton of pressure on Blizzard right now to make Torbjorn a beast. Especially because he’s had to wait so long for any attention.

Unlike Sombra or Symmetra, Torbjorn is a popular hero, even if he is hated and despised. He is more talked about whether you love or hate him than the other two combined, and gets more bad press for people being banned than any other hero, which means there’s a great persistence in the community to play him no matter what.

With all of these factors, literally everyone is watching to see whether Blizzard will drop the ball again or prove themselves. So I wouldn’t expect Torbjorn to be just more of the same, and if he is… well, it’s honestly time for people to stop expecting anything good from Blizzard.

Yes, actually you can. Because a thing can be exaggerated so much that it no longer represents a reasonable form of what a person said.

For example, many people ask for a damage threshold significant enough that it stray and unintentional damage won’t interrupt her abilities, but intentional fire would.

Your example, effectively makes it so almost no member of the cast could ever hope to interrupt it, intentional or not. Which would make it seem as though it is a regular request that hack be completely unstoppable .

That is a significantly different than what is typically requested, making it both an exaggeration and atypical of the forum suggestions for Sombra’s balance.

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I knew it was a good idea to make that thread generic. Please, expand the whole quote.

space station on offense second point will benefit with torb dropping a 2nd level turret on second level walkway.

its so useful for offense i cant be happier just work out the ult so its useful.

Reading through the article there is also another change that could happen. First, what they plan to change:

Turret is thrown out, possibly at level 2 and upgrades itself over time.

Molten Core is not an ult but an abiltiy: either buffing just Torb or just the Turret.

Taking both of these statements into account:

His Armor Packs would be gone.
His Hammer is most likely gone.
Scrap might be gone.

It seems to me that they could do a couple of things:

Keep his Amor Packs.
Keep the Scrap collecting but increase the range.

As he generates Scrap his turret improves, his health improves, and attack speed improves. Any armor he has applied improves.
Scrap than reduced as his turret and he attacks.

They still need to reduce his crit box.
He would still need a new ult.
Enter Jetpack Cat XD

Have collecting Scrap as his passive.

Jesus. I’ve lost all faith in this balance team.

First things first. Not every hero needs to be viable on every map on both attack and defense. That’s how you get a bunch of generic, boring, jack of all trades types. And it’s how you get a boring meta, where every team always runs the same six heroes, regardless of environment. I promise you OW will be a more interesting game for E-sports if each game type, map, and round brings out a different cast of characters. It’s OK for torb to only be played on defense. BUT, what’s got to stop for this to work is performance based ranking. The reason heroes who are only used on attack or defense aren’t popular is that players have figured out that switching mid-game gives them less SR for a win and more SR for a loss. That’s not OK, and it goes counter to the central design philosophy of OW.

Secondly, stop reworking heroes as the first solution. If a hero’s in a crappy place, give them some buffs. With Torb, there are some very obvious buffs he could use at the moment. Make it so his beard isn’t included in his crit box for starters. If that’s not enough, let his hammer swings overheal towards upgrade progress. That way, when the enemy is only dealing ship damage, he can get a level 2 turret up in 6 swings rather than 5. If that’s not enough, maybe let his armor packs dispense armor in 25HP units, or require 25 armor to be lost before consuming a new pack. Again, that stops enemy chip damage from eating up all the armor he laid out. Honestly, the gung ho attitude around reworks makes me feel like the balance team wasn’t involved in the initial development of the game, and want to show how they would have done things instead of building on the work of others. From a player’s perspective, it feels really crappy to have heroes that I enjoy deleted in all but name.

Thirdly, when all else fails, and you have to rework, do everything you can to preserve the identity and playstyle of the hero. I know it’s tempting to think that since so many people play hero X, they must like him, and if only hero Y played like hero X, they’d start to migrate over. Trust me, most players choose heroes based off who they think will make them win, period. I’ve definitely played heroes whose playstyles I’ve hated, because it got me SR. There are people out there who like Torb’s playstyle, but don’t play him because he’s not viable. His playstyle isn’t the problem. Change his viability alone, and I promise you his pick rate will go up.

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god i’m having horrific flashbacks to The Mercy Rework™

the game patching lately has been better overall, but I’m not currently convinced that the team would do the sensible thing for ‘trying out the rework’ - that is, making it an option on the PTR and then removing/significantly changing it if it falls through.

That’s bolditalicized because between when I started playing Feb 2017 until, God, the last two or three months, anything that went on the PTR almost always hit the live servers exactly the same. Moira, who couldn’t attack turrets and had the Ice Wall issue, Mercy’s entire rework that’s been ‘adjusted’, what, 12 times now? Doomfist’s 17 Issues that, I believe, that thread had a significant part in changing the patch culture - but after he was released, buggy as all hell. Literally the only thing I can even kind of remember is Orisa’s HP getting knocked down a bit to balance her.

Do I believe that the team can eventually put things on the PTR and then rework them effectively before live release? Sure!

Do I trust them to do that right this moment? …No, not really. Like a 35% right now, and that’s highballing.

tldr: Right now I don’t trust the idea of ‘try the rework first’ from Blizzard.

Molten core is that last thing I would actually change about Torbjorn.

You know what’s really annoying to play against when the enemy team has a Torb? Trying to attack a point where the Torb is just dug in, and he ults and you know your push is basically over unless your team is able to draw out the fight for the entire duration.

What’s wrong with his gun? It’s one of the better projectile weapons in the game, it’s just difficult to go Rambo because Torb himself is slow and wide.

Oh, and by the sound of it, you can’t throw level 2 turrets out. It starts at level 1 and upgrades itself over a short duration.

No, they said it will upgrade itself to lvl2 over time, which is a much better idea.

Incorrect. Quoted from the article:

The turret will now deploy at level two, too, meaning that you can start doing some serious damage straight away, and the turret will now upgrade itself from there - yep, no more hammering it.

The idea is Torb throws his turret to a location.
It deploys at level 2z
It upgrades itself in some manner.

Sorry, but I’ve seen the threads you are part of revolving around Sombra and I’m part of the forums actively. That doesn’t happen.

It’s one thing to lie, but don’t throw us under a bus with that lie. One or two people have said two, if any, of what you said. You were vehemently defending Sombra, which is one thing and that’s fine, but to lie about what Sombra mains say is actually really discrediting to you.

I get what point you were trying to make, but it’s so hard to agree with you when you lie. :expressionless:


Literally no one asked for any of these. Using fake arguments to justify your point makes your argument weak.


This isn’t right… Molten Core is perfectly fine.

Honestly, they should increase his rate of fire to his current ult ROF. So he won’t be such a hindrance on his own, then hero his ult the same, just no increase on the ROF.

I like the instant lv2 turret, just not sure about the throwing part. But I see it being nerfed because lv2 is strong, it’s almost another teammate. The only way they could balance it is by lowering the health and make like 50 or 60 of its health pure armor so it’s not destroyed so fast. Along with changing its priority 1 to whoever within range is attacking.

But if they keep the upgrade aspect, they need to reduce the amount of hits it takes to upgrade, just keep the same amount of healing hits.

I want to have faith that they’ll give Molten Core a good change but…

Yeah, their track record is bad. :frowning:

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all of this torb work is very exciting to me i cant wait to try the new torb out!

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Literally all they need to do is go back to beta Torb. He was PERFECT back then.

They’re literally shredding this game into bits n pieces.