ULTIMATE Reducing Input Lag Guide (SIMPLE) 🤓

I’ve used Optimal power settings before but prefer maximum performance because in times of high GPU activity it does help and there’s never any lag. Plus is also forces the GPU to run at it’s best. My 1080TI has a base clock of 1708 but it climbs up over 2GHZ while gaming and runs no hotter than 60c (3 fan ASUS ROG Strix card). My hardware is similar to yours except I am on an Asus ROG Motherboard and have a mild overclock on the 8700k and a 360MM liquid cooler.

If you’re frames are dropping and you’ve tried everything else it could be a thermal issue and you may want to monitor temps of your GPU and CPU during these times if you haven’t tried that already. The drop in frames could be a throttling event where if its too warm the system will do that automatically to prevent itself from being damaged. It could also just shutdown or reboot the system as well.

I also delidded my 8700K and never see temps on that rise above 50c when playing overwatch.

G-sync is an Nvidia only tech, if you have a freesync it will not work so best to keep G-sync disabled. Freesync is the poor mans G-sync and I have nothing but great experiences with G-sync. I only asked because It’s possible Overwatch my not be compatible with that high of a refresh rate but I can’t say for sure.

Last note, since you’re not overclocking you want to make sure the bios for your motherboard has Turbo mode enabled so it can take advantage of the higher clock speeds on the I7 8700K, it should turbo on it’s own to 4.7GHZ with no overclock.

Are you a hitscan player? What do you average scoped crit-wise on widowmaker? What version of windows are you on and what memory do you have… 3000Mhz or higher?

Lately I think I’m noticing that having at least VRM of 900MB+ for OW seems to be giving me less input lag. It’s super counter-intuitive. Like making the GPU work harder WITH less voltage seems to give me less input lag. I’m trying to find some consistency. Another friend who has done intensive testing seems to agree with me that changing a setting mid-game a lot of times reduces input lag dramatically…for a while. Like raising your render scale to 200%. I could be on ultra everything and not really drop any FPS…it’d be mostly 300fps even in most team fights.

I am a mercy main so her pistol is projectile but when I play hit scan it’s usually Ashe or Widow but lately I’ve been staying off widow. My Accuracy though with Ashe is around high 40% - 50% .

I have Corsair Vengeance 3200 memory but I am not running a XMP Profile so it’s stock at 2100 MHZ and to be honest I notice no difference with in on.,

I use GPU Tweak II for my GPU, and I keep it at stock 1708 Clocks (OC mode), I try not to mess with it too much cause I did some extensive testing with it and found that Overwatch gets really cranky when you mess with GPU clocks and voltage. The only thing I really do is increase the power profile to 120 up from 100.

OK, the input lag I’m talking about is absolutely critical for a widowmain–and does affect other hitscan /projectile players. It’s critical for widows because you need to hit headshots and get picks frequently/early/regularly for it to be worth playing widow. I have found less input lag sometimes with actual fps drops VS having a constant 300fps. I’ve also had less input lag before when I had not very consistent mouse frequency (hz) VS having less than 0.1% variance at 1000hz. Overwatch is very weird. I would highly recommend trying out below normal priority in task manager details, as well as balanced power mode…and optimal power plan in nvidia settings. You might immediately feel like your mouse is so much more fast/responsive and it takes SO MUCH less effort to get headshots. Like headshotting valking mercys is not very hard to do VS almost impossible to do when you have input lag/sim spikes.

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OMG. this is HUGE. I just tried locking my hz to 144hz (I have 240hz) and maxing fps at 300fps (I don’t get drops) and the feel is soooo much better. This post explains why.

look at this guide and tell me why this game needs it? Why? my pc is great, my internet connection great, but that doesn’t matter the game still feels like you are playing on a indian server omg please blizzard shutdown this game and send an apology letter to everyone who ever played it

The best tip I can give for people with AMD GPU’s is to use Radeon Chill.

First of all, the registry entry doesn’t work for me. Registry has accepted everything, but when I start OW it’s on “Normal” again in priority in task manager.

The second thing I want to point out is that it gives you a gameplay advantage to set the shadow details on medium instead of low. For me it didn’t rise the SIM ms, at least I couldn’t see a difference. And medium shadows let you see people first sometimes, so it’s kind of important to not set it beneath medium if not really necessary.

Edit: forgot to say THANK YOU. this guide works great for everything else and dropped my SIM from 12-14 to 4-7

once you make the .regfile, right click on it in file manager and click merge (yw, 2 years later)