Two nerfs I think will balance Brigitte

Only for one move with one character. Don’t overgeneralyze things. (plus Orissa would get that same “power” as well, in addition to her fortify would actually make her more attractive too.

And why would it only affect one character because it sounds more like a bias than an actual mechanic…

Look, I get you hate the character but they’re not going to make an entire mechanic on sheilds just to screw over somebody you dislike playing against.


Technically speaking they never said it won’t go through shields anymore just that it would explode on players and the environment now, so mayby she can aim straight at Brigitte and it’ll still go through shield

Either way, it will obliterate Bri. It is essentially the equivalent to Pharah’s primary fire, just 5 meters per second slower.

I am curious though if it will do dmg to herself though.

Actually they said they’re increasing speed of it substantially.

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Didn’t they say they increased it from 10 m/s to 30 m/s? Pharah’s rockets move at 35 m/s.

Ah, you already took it into account.

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Its 16 hps over 5 seconds that requires hitting someone with either your skill shot whip or getting right into their fave and going “Mace to the Face”

because they’re high skill, and if you make a mistake on them you’ll die anyways to anyone thats even half decent at the game. literally if you’re playing a high skill hero that means you’re literally just given a kit that numerically is trash but has the potential to just outskill other people, and if that can get countered with basically no skill or counterplay involved then why are high skill heroes even in the game.

she’s not a must pick now

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You think the numbers on Genji, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Doomfist, Tracer, Ana, and McCree are trash? :joy: Lawl, good joke…

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sounds like the argument people used to justify the initial balance state of the hog rework

Just hook into your team looooool

genji does low damage per hit with slow projectiles, widowmaker is overpowered and a lot of people agree, hanzo is also op and everyone agrees, doomfist numbers are good but his counters are easier and have better numbers, ana isnt underpowered, she just isnt overpowered like some of the other supports, tracer has 150 hp, low range, and small magazine size, so statistically she’d be garbage but she has mobility, which allows her to have the potential to just avoid damage and outplay people rather than just brute forcing a fight with them, mccree is bad for the same reason ana is bad.

Yet he can flawlessly kill somebody with his combo

Thats what happens when you give someone too high of a skill ceiling.


Not really if doomfist saves a skill for GTFO’ing.

Extremely fast attack, High Mobility and undo mistake ability…

Ana/McCree? Meh…


wow her entire kit? it’d be a shame if she couldn’t right click still have a 600 hp shield while being self healed which no other char can do

yes, a person with an extremely tiny sheild walking backwards trying to escape is terrifying… try moving 10 degrees to the left or right and shooting her…


The reason Lucio got that nerf is because he’s so damn slippery, whereas Brigitte literally has to stay in your face if she wants to do anything.
Not to mention her self heal doesn’t even proc unless she hits something, unlike Lucio who can just swap to it at a moment’s notice.

You want her entire combo, one that uses literally every ability she has to do the same damage of a single Pharah rocket, or a single Helix rocket, or a single bodyshot from Widow…
How can you possibly think that’s fair?


your logic is gold logic dude. you’re literally basing all of your counterarguments entirely off of numbers, but those numbers dont represent what actully happen in a game. you say that people can just “flawlessly kill someone with genji combos” but that isnt what happens even in high gm games where i typically play. what genjis used to do is just do poke damage from range and play in a safe spot until theres a opportunity to get a kill, which usually means right click+dash and then 1 or 2 more right clicks and a melee on a 200 hp hero because no genji will hit 100% of headshots. you say doomfist can just save a skill for “gtfo” but you need to use at least one skill to close the distance without dying, and with the amount of cc in the game right now, you’re likely to just get stunned and 1 shotted by a support hero as DF before you even get to use a 2nd skill, but say you do. DF damage is almost entirely reliant on his cooldowns, and since you have 3 cooldowns, one of which is able to one shot sometimes, and then you need to combo the other 2 to get a kill, the most kills you’ll end up getting with a doomfist is typically around 2 kills and then dying. hanzo by a long shot is overpowered. not even going to argue this, theres plenty of posts out there and plenty of pro players and ladder players have said it. widowmaker isnt overpowered because shes skillbased, widowmaker is overpowered because she has infinite range 1 shot capability, a small hitbox, and mobility all in one hero. there is no counter to widowmaker besides another widowmaker. tracer has counters in the game already that people in your low rank probably dont know how to play either way. a ton of characters can just 1 shot tracer purely with spam, she has low range with guns that have insane spread even at close range, so you need to have really good tracking if you want to be effective with her damage at all, she needs her “undo mistake ability” because her role as a flanker means shes often cut off from her teams supports, and as i said earlier, spam damage can often either get her to low health or just outright kill her. she would be useless since the amount of risk involved when playing her would be too high for the output she’d have.

I like the fact that people complain about her being low skill yet so many nerf threads want to nerf her skill shot ability.


they just need to increase the cooldown of it. with many other heroes you can see them use an ability and know that you can go in or your team can play differently because of it. but with brig she can just spam her abilities and by the time the team gets in, she just has them up again. thats the main issue. brig doesnt get punished for bad cooldown management or skill usage.