Trying to find a full team 2500 SR

My squad consists of a healer (wife), a Fill (younger brother), me as a fill and other random people from our discord groups. Usually the 3 of us are trying to get placed higher and want to find some other people to play! If we could get people that are 14 and up to play with us!

Yo I am mainly a dps player stuck in plat for the last 10 seasons now. Because of that I am also looking for a group and would like to join you guys.

sounds good add me UrSleepDemon#1842!

I would like to join that list. Avellen#1350

Hi man, add me on discord.


Is it still open to join? I like to play with a proper team and not with randoms because I m going mental from them.
My rank sadly is bad because of solo grinding but in a few qp you can test if I m good or not. Im EU based.

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