Tried the 50 HP Mercy in Competitive

It feels horrible for trying to pocket a or over aggressive Reinhardt. For general purpose though, it’s not a huge deal. It’s fine.

But MAN… it takes fooooooorever to charge Valkyrie now.


when you’ve been overpowered almost your entire existence in the game, youre going to feel horrible when you get brought down to the state of other heroes.


She was under-powered pre-invul and was generally close to being balanced before her rework. You may have over-exaggerated there. Also, her heals were never the problem.


reading comprehension. please. learn it.


not quite; very nearly

her invulnerability buff was season 3.

they literally make Winston non existant.

nah 8 seasons is almost her entire existence.


I notice it when I have to solo heal. Not so much if I have a second healer with me.

But you know, speaking on that … this is kind of off-topic, but I noticed in general my win rate on Mercy is very sub-par, especially in competitive. And I thought it was because I was a bad Mercy. But looking closer…

… It’s because when I pick Mercy, I’m usually desperate. As in “Crap, we have 4 DPS and 1 tank. I have to solo heal so I guess Mercy would be the best bet.” And those games we obviously lose more of since we don’t have team players or a decent comp.

Because if we do have another healer, I’ll usually go Brigitte or Moira. I pick Mercy (usually) only when I’m forced to solo heal, because she’s just the best at it. (Or was.)

So yeah, no real change for me here other than my win rate on her will drop even further, OR I’ll start picking Moira in those situations instead … and my win rate will drop on her instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Almost is still exaggerating? Tf. Maybe you need to work on your reading since you can’t even tell if you’re exaggerating or not.

Winston now makes Mercy’s heals nonexistent. Roles reversed. Also, Titanium explains Mercy’s heals nerf very well in her “The Recent and Previous Developments…”. There’s a bit of light reading for you.

Actually, it’s 6 seasons since she wasn’t overpowered at all with mass Resurrect.

Sad really. Her heals are getting iterated because of a rework no one asked for ;-;


Yeah, I’ve been an advocate of a revert since day 1. =/ I’m not a Mercy main or anything, but I honestly thought she was fine before.

Then 2.0 was broken as hell. And it’s just been a crap ton of nerfs ever since because rez on an E can’t be balanced. And instead of buffing other healers to be able to heal through barriers, they just nerf Mercy. 'Cause logic? =/


I think that ship as sunk for Blizzard :joy:


Gurl, I solo healed with Mercy today in a diamond/plat game. I’m not gonna say it was fun, but we did win against a 2-2-2 comp and I got around to everyone enough to keep them alive (mostly)

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Hunny, I was just in a GM game and had to switch off Mercy because our Zen was doing more heals than me… Then again, that’s probably because I’m bad but still!


Sweety, I think that Zen might’ve just been a god. It is GM after all. Nothing is impossible for a good Zenyatta. But for real. Mercy does feel a bit weak not denying it


I’ve been running Ana WITH a Mercy, it’s worked more than I thought it would.

But no, Mercy’s change is almost unnoticeable… Maybe low HP vs Winston… But other than that, nothing. Also it’s an average of 17% lower heals per 10, putting her JUST under Moira.

I’m GM too btw

(Also, Zen can heal on average more than everyone else due to PHAT transcendences, and even Ana has the worst, or 2nd worst heals per 10 in the game because she can’t heal when she DPS’s, and DPS Ana is the only good Ana.)


Reduced heals equals a slower ult gain. An indirect nerf to her. It is to be expected though.

It feels very much horrible but many people see this nerf in a positive light and there’s nothing we can do to change the dev’s minds anyway. Let’s hope this will be the last nerf Mercy receives…at least for a very long time lol.

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She needs more for other supports to be decent, but very, very little changes from here…

(Like removing rez, smile)

What would you suggest? (besides removing rez, I don’t think the devs want to right now.)

That’s assuming her ultimate is the issue with her kit which we all know is not the case.

I can notice it and think it’s kind of a big deal. that 10hp makes a big difference when the target it taking damage. She’s horrible at healing tanks now and her damage boost productivity is going to go down because she will spend so much time just holding left click.

I’m probably biased, but I don’t even think she needed the nerf. Her pick rate is dropping in the pro scene before the nerf and buffs to other supports even hit.


And those Mercy mains all said:
“Pshaw, this nerf isn’t going to do anything to affect Mercy, it’s too weak. Just gonna have to nerf something else later.”.

Are you sure all mercy mains?

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