Toronto Defiant vs. Vancouver Titans - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Toronto Defiant
Vancouver Titans
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League Points: 0

Final Score


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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Soe Opening Weekend Spray is not yet patched into the game client.

This means once you earn the qualifying time for that spray, you cannot access it right away until it arrives in a later patch. Follow my streaming rewards guide thread for updates on when that spray arrives in the game client at a future time. You must still watch the required amount of 4 hours from April 16th to 18th to earn that spray.

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Vancouver might be able to take a map off Toronto, but Toronto is just far more stacked and has more proven coaches and players.

That is exactly my prediction as well.

While my heart wants the Titans to win, my head thinks it will be the Defiant winning this one fairly convincingly.

Also, currently doing a virtual field trip through the Ozarks, where our “bus is currently stuck” (translation: break time). I regret to report that I am the youngest person present at this virtual field trip. Most of the attendees and presenters are senior age, despite the conference in general being geared more towards college students and younger graduates in general.

Good afternoon everyone, hope everyone’s day is going well. Yeah I think Toronto takes this. 3-2.

so has anyone gotten the soe spray yet? ive gotten 35 tokens so far so def got my 4 hours in…i either cant find it or it hasnt gone out yet

Not yet. I got 20 but no spray.

You guys already likely earned it, as my starting post has said, the spray will not appear in the game client yet because it is not yet patched into the game.


doh…didnt read the initial post…

-5 points for Baja

oh i didnt notice linkzr was on the titans now, cool

Great teamwork and coordination but getting rolled on round 1 and 3 is not hype :frowning:

Makes you wonder. That 2019 Titans team was a monster. I blame the pandemic for what happened to them.

Even before the pandemic, there was already signs the organization was not investing into the original roster.

Which is weird if I recall they started 2-0 and then they blew up the team. Head scratcher to say the least.

How do viewership awards work currently?
Is the token earn rate the same as before?

I like the awards link button. Easy to use.

shredlock :grimacing: :grimacing:

I believe it’s 5 tokens an hour. Can’t remember what it was before.

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Mental mistakes I think is what did them in on that map.

i think it was 2 tokens an hour

thank you mr logix :slight_smile: