Too Little Too Late Blizzard - Update

Gotta say reading through the list of things you are adding… it is a lot of talk and not a lot of action.

Lets look at what you are actually doing to combat cheating…

Firstly SMS for accounts, could have been implented ages ago and now you finally doing it after 6 years. What a huge step forward, this should have been done years ago, there is no justification for how long this has taken.

Oh we don’t have a problem with smurfs, we like seeing the Bronze to GM runs

Hmmmmm but now you do care… why? Because you know that if your f2p audience have to play in games in Silver with people who are actually Diamond they won’t want to buy your precious skins… so you are doing something. But for OG players… you had the money upfront so who cares right?

Then lets look at your counters for Cheats basically a whole load of waffle. You don’t give any stats, you don’t list off anything your team have achieved. You go on about reverse engineering… why were 2 people in the top 10 using cheats in NA? Why is the ranked #1 EU using cheats?

Your cheat engine is terrible and you present no stats to backup anything you say.

You’ve removed global chat… wow that must have taken one like of code to remove, great job :slight_smile: I can’t actually believe that counts as an update but well done on removing the odd twitch spam or genuine conversation about your terrible balance patches, experiemental blunders and the only place for people to chat whilst queuing upto 10minutes in games… gj!

Removing the rank when queued makes no sense, you are literally trying to cover up who is what level and how bad your matchmaking has been so far. You put two silver dps up against 2 gold dps and pretend there is no difference… when there is. You put a Diamond Tank into a Masters tank and think thats ok… its not and it ruins games. Now you are trying to hide it from the audience playing your game.

Also I don’t care if you record the toxic chat, you realise this system will just be a bunch of recordings with people saying ‘Swap off this character, you are throwing get the f*** off this character’. I hope that someone actually listens to these recordings instead of assumes because they said a bad word they are in the wrong.

Not impressed with anything you have added, it is really just words and an SMS authenticiation that has been implemented for money reasons.



You do know that most peoples are gonna discover overwatch with ow2 right ? We don’t care if it’s too late thing is they fixed it . Why are you guys keep trying to find 24/7 things to hate and complain about ow2 ? You’re not happy ? Just quit the forum and the game that’s it.

And just to see your level . Please detail me how phone verification will give them money. And I’m not asking your opinion I’m asking proofs .


You sound like a younger person and I can only give the advise that when a multi billion dollar corporation is offering a free service or product, it’s in general not a good idea to give them your personal information.


Ah, yes, the famous phrase “better never than late.”

Wait, that’s not how it goes?

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Phone verification means that players will play in the correct ranks… which means that they will play the game for longer (being queued into smurfs isn’t fun!). So those people will stick around, buy the battlepass, buy a few skins and generate money for Blizzard. This is all down to the small step of sms verification, it wont stop smurfs but it will definitely help slow them down.

New players would simply quit within a month for the amount of smurfs in lower ranks, it would be a huge chunk of money. If they keep people feeling like they play people their own rank, they will hang around and spend more money.

They can’t be happy with anything that blizz does. Why he’s saying why this hasn’t been done before… who cares dude but at least now is gonna be implemented that’s all


Because they are posting these updates like they are a big deal? They aren’t a big deal… games companies have being doing this stuff for the past 3+ years? Wow Blizzard, thank you for catching up with them? Clap clap?

Sorry just not hyped about these literally needed changes being passed off as incredible new ideas. They aren’t new, they were ignored and the Overwatch original game suffered due to it.

Ok . And now it’s new and it’s fixed. Thank you for your participation in this forum.

We live in a day and age that every company finds a way to get your data and profit off of it without you knowing anyways. I’d rather just give them my number and have a better experience in game. I know how to spot and block spam calls and that’s all I care about.

How the hell can you say it is fixed when the game hasnt even done a season yet? They have zero data for the success of this system and if you look at Blizzard’s track record for this… it is not good.

So I’m not going to celebrate things that should have been put into the game in its first inception. Smurfing isn’t new, they allowed it because it generated them profits and now that having players happier in ranks who stick around for longer… that makes them more profits so that is what they do.

Are you on repeat mode ? Now it’s new and it’s fixed we do not care if they didn’t do it before since they did it now.

Dang you guys are crying over everything. You say it should have been done before and now you’re complaining because they did it . Are you alright ?

I’m not about to join the ‘too little too late’ ‘it was bad once, so it’s bad forever’ doom saying, but I REALLY don’t like the idea of being locked out of the game for not having enough money. I’ve been a player of the game for six years, never once gotten so much as a warning. And then getting locked out for not having a phone, nor needing one in my daily life. It’s not a good feeling.

It is weird of you to say this but yes i understand that it’s not cool for everyone maybe contact the support to find an other way to confirm your account.

  • I’m saying it’s weird because in my country you are forced to have a phone to apply for any jobs.

I’m a fairly unique case after a long medical history. But yes. It is weird. I’ll email support, I just don’t exactly expect much.

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If you have health issues and didn’t needed a phone ever before tell them your whole case and if they don’t do an exception i suggest you to sue them for asking to a person with issues to be forced to have something they never needed before just to enjoy a game they played for years now.

I’m not about to sue, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. I am though looking for the support email. The ticket system is a little bit of a maze. I just hope once I find it and send it, they give more than a canned answer.