(Tomorrow) Prepare for a possible sudden Echo release!

I’m doubling down. I found a half a roll of rolaids in my desk. so that too.

I refuse your bet kid

Cause I am kind.

I’m supposed to be working from home and I can’t do it. Now we may be getting a new hero?

Talos preserve us.

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Sheogorath works in mysterious ways

But I wish I could work from home…

No changes to how Fedex works yet.

Which is troubling to me. (Because how 1918 virus spread.)

Anouncement maybe, I don’t think they’ll release a new hero mid event.

Meanwhile: Jeff speaks

or it could be any number like 19, 18, etc., but redacted


I like things just popping out of the blue. I really hate how companies announce a project years in advance for the hype.

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Yeah pretty much… I think they used that XX thing before too… pretty standard

Your loss, then - the breath mint is still in its individual wrap, sealed

When hero 32 drops, it will be my first new hero release.


welcome to the hype train

we hope you enjoy your stay

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Just be glad you never went through Sombra’s

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hero teasers. i can’t stand themmm

i can’t stop thinking about what we might get tomorrow!!

the only way for me to pass time by is to talk about it with other expectant frendos

it’s like time has slown down

Based on how people talk about her even now, I think I’m glad I didn’t.

,Guys this gotta be fake’’

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Don’t hold your breath, D.Va. You might be getting replaced…

(Reminder when Ashe was leaked to me)

“Female McCree” Yeah right

Damn i’m so unlucky if she gets released tomorrow. I’m traveling this entire week and won’t get to test her until next week

think about it this way: by the time ya come back, she’ll probs be live