To the people complaining about sms

If blizzard thinks SMS will stop that they’re surely mistaken :joy:, hackers literally get banned on warzone and will be on the next day. They will purchase the game again and the hacks, so if they got the money and time they will Smurf if theres a will theres a way, This is just hurting kids who dont have phones or low income players. And what will they protect I havent even gotten none of my previous skins im basically lvl 1 so no they Didn’t protect my account they wiped it.


yes and those are prepaid phones

so youre trying to convince me that just because a person has a different phone plan they shouldnt be able to play the game that they paid for


I’m using grandmas # next account, after I get banned.

I don’t think smurfs are such a great issue that it’s worth cutting off a significant part of the game’s population from playing at all.


LMFAO fr i have 5 family members ill use every single one of them to smurf.

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You would think having to play 100 Quickplay matches for the heroes and winning 50 Quickplay matches to unlock the ability to do Competitive would be a pretty good deterrent for a lot of people.

I know why its a good idea in theory, but in practice

1.) It locked me out, and I’m a paying customer. Since I bought OW1, I have certain entitlements in OW2, meaning I basically paid for OW2 yet I still can’t play it.

That is, without using this second option:

2.) There’s several apps you can download on the Google Play Store that will allow you to gain a phone number. I downloaded one, and used a dollar I had from Google Opinion Rewards and was able to receive text messages to use the number for the SMS thing. The best part was that I didn’t even download it FOR Overwatch 2; I just had the app installed because my I cant call a specific person without it (I don’t know why).

Clearly, this SMS thing would be great if it worked right. But it doesn’t.

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the prepaid phone modal is out dated by about 20 years when will america update

What an arrogantly, ignorant take. Bait post, dont bother responding

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who cares ive heard people using cricket/mint mobile + a lot more services cant do sms, also phone plans arent cheap nowadays

doesnt even matter since sms is gone in 2 days

Yea, I think you’re the one who doesn’t really understand what’s going on.

A bunch of people who paid for OW1 can no longer play a game they paid for. That’s the issue. Nobody cares about weak justifications for it.

I have SMS protect, but I can still understand why it’s not cool to cut off paying customers to a game they’ve played for years if they don’t have a cell phone or qualifying number.

edit: heard they just announced they’re changing this for existing OW1 players so they can play again, hurray

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Joke’s on you, grandma’s already got aimbot loaded and ready to go.

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bait post it is not its just seems people are not seeing the big picture yes its bad that people cant access there account but it is sms PROTECT they are trying to protect your account

Just make it optional :man_shrugging:t6:, if you want your account protected then go ahead, making it mandatory is just blocking people who dont have sms.


They just announced it’s becoming optional for most OW1 accounts.


I get it’s to protect but it’s too strict for only allowing Post paid. When people think prepaid they really think of burner minutes phones

Good thing, now fix the servers, and blizzard gives me and others there skins back, and ill be a happy camper :upside_down_face:

Wtf is the point of protecting an account I can’t use. Wow, thank you blizzard dev’s for stopping all those nasty hackers from getting into my account. It works so well, even I cant get into it.

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They’re backpeddling and saying that existing accounts will be grandfathered but new accounts made after a certain date will require a number.