To everyone I was grouped with in Mystery Heroes today

Please stop playing the game. Or at least learn how to play.

There’s no excuse for a person with 200+ hours of playing just not hacking health packs, particularly when there is no healer on our team other than a DPS Moira who heals other people purely by accident. This Sombra took the health pack. Stood by it while her translocate recharged, tossed it down, and then left. Meanwhile she can see I’m at 70 health as Rein, and we have no healers. Just, please stop playing, go play Call of Duty or Undertale or something.

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It’s a casual arcade mode

That said, they could do a lot to make it less infuriating.

How to fix Mystery Heroes

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Being bad at the game is one thing.
Throwing is another.

If you, on purpose, grief your team, you should not get away with it.

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Casual is not the word you want to use … It’s “troll arcade mode”.

  1. Mystery Heroes, lul
  2. If you think other people should stop playing a game they paid for, you are probably the one that needs a break. It is a game.

Stop complaining.
Start thinking in solutions: Make a LFG.
Call it “tryhard arcade MH. no noobs or fun allowed in my tree hut.”

They should just relabel it to Trollcade.

Mystery heros is fun but it’s no mystery not everyone knows how to play every hero or even likes to.

For instance, If I get D.Va I will without a doubt suicide bomb. I may be able to do something but her voice is so grating that I just can’t do it.

No D.Va this is not easy mode it’s effen Mystery Heros!

Happy Halloween!

Bro why so salty?

Yikes, people can play however they want. You dont get to gatekeep who is allowed to play a game you both own.
If you have a problem with the way the game mode is, instead of blaming others maybe think to yourself that game mode isnt for you.

EDIT: didnt see this was a necro, sorry for bump