To "complaining" Mercy mains

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I meant the activity, not the oh here’s my say on this thing.

I did exactly that. I even went as far as making decision to become DPS main instead of support main almost year ago, and decision to avoid playing support heroes at all few months ago.

Guess what? I’m still more disappointed about state of Mercy than i am disappointed about state of my current mains, including Sombra out of all heroes. Mercy rework and everything after that just was this much upsetting and disheartening.

Even if they actually reverted Mercy, i probably wont start playing her again, but i continue being upset about this as long as nothing is done about current Mercy.

I understand that, but I was talking about the Mercy players who complained about her state but refusing to try to be flexible.

A lot of Mercy mains want her old ult back, but it’s gotten pretty rare to ask for a vanilla revert. We know that Mercy 1.0 had problems of her own, and fixing them would mean reworking her all over again.

It’s why “bring back mass rez” is almost always followed up by “with a LoS restriction and cast time.” We’ve stopped asking for a revert, and started asking for a rework that includes some form of AoE rez on Q. The standard request goes as:

Bring mass rez back, then nerf it
Keep the bunnyhop
Give Mercy a new E ability

Ehh I wouldn’t define it as savage tbh

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Have you read some of the stuff you guys put? Seems pretty savage to me. some of you can be rather hurtful imo but overall you all seem to just spam a thread with the same opinion but in different words which is cool.

Ps I mean savage in the best way possible.

”You just figure that out Sherlock? Give the man a cigar!”

~ Junko Enoshima

JK, we are nice!!

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What do you mean by “you guys”?

This might help you out in determing that I’m not part of the “guys” you’re referring to.

I think most of them lack any game knowledge they’re sorta like parrots that simply heard something said by the person they look up to and since they want their glory hero to be “fun” again they come to the forums spamming most of the time texts with little to zero understanding of what they’re writing… for instance I found it funny when a person on the european server made a post about reverting Mercy placing one of the known youtuber’s videos and when a Mercy main challeneged them compeletly disagreeing and writing a well thought response backed with logic… the OP simply had nothing to reply with cause like I said they were nothing more than a parrot.

So no I don’t think most of their responses are “savage” it’s more like parrots repeating things, ofcourse I’m not talking about everyone here.

Ps: I don’t mean parrots in the best way possible.

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They do have understanding of situations I’ll give them that, arias fans have outwitted me many times and many other players so I can’t agree with you there.

I mean “you guys” as arias fans because you didn’t really express you weren’t a fan.

And finally I mean savage as in… well a video will hopefully help you understand

I am no huge fan of aria but her fans and herself speak to me. I understand their point of view and where they come from being a mercy player myself and I simply can’t allow you to call them parrots as it’s just undeniably rude.


Because we already play other heroes and it doesnt solve the issue our (former) main has.

No Mercy player asked for this failure of a rework yet we had to adapt to its many changes and all those nerfs. A lot of us dont find her new playstyle fun anymore plus all the nerfs make her pretty unimpactful. So now we want another rework because we dont like how they treated Mercy and think she lost a lot of her fun and skill ceiling. Thats why we come up with solutions like this here.

I’ll gladly disagree then with everything you said :slight_smile:

I feel like the only people who understand Mercy mains are people who play sym and bastion. No one has had a hero changed completely from what they used to be like they have.

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Agree to disagree.

A friendly ending. :slight_smile:

Of course you are, you’re just passionate which i love.

I’m a Mercy/Moira/Brig main and until now I haven’t really complained about the 50 HPS nerf because

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Meh, I just quit playing OW.

In the end, a video game is supposed to be fun. “Fun” is subjective to the individual. After season 11 and the most recent Mercy nerf, this game isn’t fun anymore.

If you include little nerfs like res can be interrupted, Mercy has been nerfed 13 consecutive times, no buffs. What other hero can say that?

At this point, I’d rather play Destiny 2 than OW, and let’s think about that statement for a moment.

Idk how many of the player base are Mercy mains nor do I know how many will follow suit and stop playing, but what I do know is for a game this old, losing players ain’t good.

A new game can take a hit in player base, but a game this old, an exodus of players is like a weed or cancer that only grows. It starts small, so small it’s easy to ignore, but in time the negative effects becomes stifling.

Oh well, I’ll continue playing Destiny 2 as it’s more fun than OW right now (again, that statement alone is just sad), then I’ll move on to RDR2, then I’ll play BF5 (because even with all the negative aspects of BF5, it’s still better than OW now), and I may stop back next year.

I know, you all don’t care. I wouldn’t care if someone else wrote this. I’d just reply with, “bye”. I know you all and Blizzard don’t care if all Mercy mains quit playing, in the end, I’m just commenting on this post is all.

Many Mercy mains play other heroes and are fine with flexing to other heroes. The issue is the hero they fell in love with is now weak and boring. People are pretty upset being ignored and neglected. This goes for any heroes people main, people want their favorite and beloved hero to be viable, impactful, balanced, and most of all fun. I’m even seeing videos on angry Roadhog mains. The developers aren’t listening to their community and it’s filled the community with toxic and upset people. Also someone said Mercy is the best healer in the game but her healing is too weak to sustain her team and has been called an off support. That’s not balanced. A main healer shouldn’t be called an off healer.


I completely agree. Sombra has always had one of the weakest guns as a DPS hero and has tons of bugs but the Sombra community doesn’t go out of their way to derail every thread back to Sombra and respond with inappropriate vitriole and personal attacks to anyone who disagrees. It really makes the Mercy community look bad. Not all mercy mains are this way – I’ve met a couple of reasonable and openminded ones – but I’ve met many more that are very “passionate” as Jeff says and “emotional” about Mercy.

Better yet, stop playing overwatch entirely. Reason being if we just switch the devs will think everything is fine. It’s been clear to me for a while now that our voices will only matter if blizz aren’t getting money and players. So long as we play and give them money, our voices don’t matter most of the time. Queue times are already a lot longer than they used to be (vs ai has gone from almost instant to often 10-20 minutes) and quick players are feeling it a little (tho they complain about 2 minute waits so it doesn’t sound that bad yet). Let’s keep leaving and see what happens

I actually share your opinion. And if more people would stop playing her as a REACTION maybe something would be done.

But I would not stop “giving feedback” either, more do both things