To Blizzard plz read!

I lost 70-60 Sr because there is a small storm here in Sweden and the wind crashed my internet so I lost a Sr and I am really trying hard to get to silver but it gets so hard when you try to get to silver but lose 1 and a half hour of playtime because my God damn internet crashed! Do please Blizzard fix my SR because I worked really hard for it.

Hey hey,

Blizzard does not give back any SR, you can read more about this here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

I’d recommend you to not play during these times if you know that there is a risk of this happening.

Blizzard can’t give u sr back in any occasion, even when it’s their fault (unless their system auto detects a cheater). Remember that even if it wans’t on you, you ruined the game for 5 other people on your team more than once, deserving a punishment of some kind. Don’t play when the wind is against you.

I was in a rage because I was trying to climb to silver. But I am in silver now and I am not angry. Sorry for posting this!