To All the people wanting barrier nerfs

This is a Rein problem. Orisa’s barrier doesn’t stay up long - usually 2-3 seconds at a time, and Sigma’s barrier is mostly on the move so it is not always in front of you (unless you’re widow and you deservedly get it in your face). Playing against a Rein is just tedious, especially on maps with a choke that his barrier completely fills. Sure you can break his barrier but it is the amount of time you are alive that you spend shooting it that is the problem.

I wish they would have hero pools in QP just so Rein could be banned every 2nd week! :smile: The other day I had Rein in the other team in 15 out of 16 games (some of them started without him but switched when losing). The last couple of months have been horrible with Rein in so many games.

But we’re not talking about the raw mechanics of a game.

We’re talking gameplay design on live games with large active playerbases.

And I’ve been keeping pace with top tier developers for years, who put a suspiciously large amount of ideas I’ve suggested in their games.

And even if they never listened to a single one of them, that’s a pretty clear indication I’m thinking on their tier of gameplay design.

Might I ask what game did you mod

Right now its early in development, but I’m making a simple class based game where you play in a variety of mode.

The first mode is a “defense” mode. You and some AI partners defend some one or something until the enemy is out of units. The main classes here are Tanks, Assault, Defense, Support, similar to original OW, but more focused on the way the classes work with each other. The game ends when you win or lose.

The second mode is a “Hunt” mode. I drop you and AI partners of your choice into a map, tell you what you need to find, but not where it is (and sometimes not even what it looks like) and you have to find it without dying and bring it back to your vehicle for extraction.

The third mode is an “Adventure” mode. You have to get from point A to point B without dying. I’ll tell you where B is, but not how to get there. Think of Left 4 Dead, but without any Safe Houses. If you die, you’re sent back to the start.

Right now, my game is in early development, but I can show a few things off. I can’t promise anything as polished as OW though, and to be fair, I may never be able to do that. I’m pretty sure the game will be fun though.

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Oh wow, that actually sounds really fun! I’m assuming it’s designed to appeal to the overwatch player base but from what in can tell it’s much less competitive? Is that the intent or am I missing the point lol.

Also will the ai eventually be replaced by real humans when the game gets more popular?

Oh and I’m assuming extraction is inspiration from warframe?

Shifter_v1G, wrote a server mod with 40 servers running it, and it ran as Tournament code for about 2 years.

Got about 40 changes into PlanetSide 1, including how all the 40+ Warpgates connected.

And a suspiciously large amount of Overwatch changes that sync up with that I asked for.

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Yeah, i see!

What is your general process of thinking that clearly the devs agree with a lot? Do you take past ideas and go along that thought path or are these simply Just ideas you’ve come up with on the spot?

Generally, my overall goal is as many heroes “decent tier” as possible simultaneously.

And generally I go for ideas which are the least path of resistance.

Usually trying to find the “tweak one variable, and it fixes everything” approach.

The analogy for changes, I use is brain surgery.
Usually there’s something you want removed, without harming the surrounding area.

For overall balance, the analogy I use the the ecosystem niche model.

I.e. The niche between
Soldier > McCree > Ashe > Widow
Is largely a difference in firerate and damage per bullet.

Also recently, what with OW2 confirmed to be eating up a ton of dev resources.
I assume everything has to be done with zero new 3D art assets, and minimal coding. Ideally just variable changes.

Incidentally, the rapid patching of the game with variable changes. (That also powers the Experimental Mode) Pretty certain they got that from me.
Patch 1.43 clarification

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LOL, that’s funny :nail_care:

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What a huge generalization there.

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No matter what hero someone mains,shooting shields all game is just not fun.

Imagine if you played a single player game and you were stopped every few minutes by a giant wall in your path which you had to continuously attack in order to progress.

It would get really tedious after a short while.

Overwatch isn’t a moba.

As of now, yeah. Its a lot less competitive. The only competitive elements will be added when I release my multiplayer for it. Then it will have the standard modes like Payload. Capture Points, and the like.

As for the appeal, its a hero shooter so there’ll be significant overlap in OW’s demographic and my game. It’ll also be for anyone who likes Action and Horror games (like Dead Space, Resident Evil and such).

Popular or not, I intend to have multiplayer in it. In fact, the only thing stopping me is that I need to understand Unreal Engine’s Gameplay Ability System to handle the various skills. Right now, I have a skill system, but it will not work in a multiplayer environment.

Well, I used “extraction” to mean “grab the thing or person you’re looking for and get the heck out of there”, but maybe I could add a mining mode similar to Warframe’s extractors. Before I make any new modes, I want to have a singe stage in each of my modes here (Hunt, Defense, and Adventure).

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Gotta love how people assume x is your main so of course you’re biased against y.

What if we just want the right balance of shields being useful…but not stupidly annoying?

Why is it Rein is the only Tank they seem to have struck a perfect balance with? He’s strong but still easy to take out if he makes a mistake.

Actually, it’s classified as one. But only in the vaguest sense.

TBF, I sort of disagree with calling it a moba, but that’s what its labeled. Or, it was when I last checked.

It’s more like he guessed right.

I do it too from time to time.

I’m a one-trick Junkrat and even I hate double barriers.

If anything, double snipers thrive in double shields since they have much better mobility and range engagement, Hanzo also has decent shield break and ult combo’s well.

Double barrier sucks, and Sigma should’ve never gotten that much overloaded kit.

I rather have Bunker meta, at least that’s beatable.

I’ve never seen it labeled as a MOBA by anything other than fans.

As if dive and brawl dps don’t exist. Ideally you continue the pressure and chase them on jump their butts. But you all are so insistent on playing the hits an that can’t do that, and then yell to have barriers nerfed. Barriers counter hitscans, why are you playing into your counter?

I agree with everything but this.

It’s not Sigma that’s the problem. It’s 100% Reinhardt.

Sigma+Orisa isn’t a bad double-barrier because their barriers are easily broken, but they have secondary defensives that allow them to brawl. While they take reduced damage or counter damage, you still get to do things besides shoot blue rectangles.

With rein he doesn’t have a secondary defensive because his barrier has enough health to count as both a primary AND secondary defensive. His barrier has more health than sigma and orisa combined.

The problem is not sigma. It’s purely rein.