To all the girls (VC)

I hate every single last person who has made it a thing where females feel they have to stay out of VC not just because it’s completely disrespectful but I enjoy this game when I have people to talk to and can shot call.

My feelings on like regular gamer trash talk are neither here or there for this post, but for those people out there who attack people specifically because there women and on there women characteristics please kindly never touch this damn game again…


People use voice chat?


People still play this game?


I definitely feel you, Brownie. Unfortunately I don’t see it changing or being enforced against these immature kids to change their toxic sexist behaviors. Happens in Valorant, happens in Overwatch, happens in the Internet, and sadly even in IRL.

My girlfriend always wanted to voice chat in team chat in comp or playing other games, but she’s discouraged to do that because she’ll be harassed because of her gender, what she plays or unnecessarily flirted upon.


Grow up or get a helmet… its funny because the other day in Mistery Heroes i had a girl talking s**t about me not healing her as support while she perma run 1v5 with almost every hero she had… i told her to not be dumb and stop charing… she proceded to insult me… then i proceded to give her his own medicine… she tilted and left… i just avoid here with hope to get her in the enemy team so i can farm her… sadly didnt happen…

Anyone can be a mean person; it’s not gender-specific. and you usually attack someone with something that offends them.

EDIT: I forgot to mention all this was in voice chat. I guess she didn’t know she had an open mic.


Excuse me? Don’t you mean women?! :triumph:


Imagine using vc in 2024


Not all females are women. Some are girls.

And some are golden retrievers, some are luna moths, some are African wild donkeys, some are nilgai, some are monoecious plants, and some particularly ambitious ones are clownfish.


you forgot to mention the other 58 types, how dare you!


*pushes glasses up bridge of nose

Flathead catfish
Manta ray
Sandhill crane
Ethiopian wolf
Tyrannosaurus rex
Texas blind salamander
Ocean sunfish
Suriname cockroach
Sydney funnel web
Water moccasin
Duck-billed platypus
Amazon delivery worker
German shepherd
Downy woodpecker
Hybrid striped bass
Sun bear
Tibetan fox
Great horned owl
Southern cassowary
Northern cardinal
Eastern spotted skunk
Eurasian red squirrel
European eel
Brazilian bird-eating spider
American dog tick
Firefly squid
Banded sea krait
Common hippopotamus
South Island giant moa
Harpy eagle
Risso’s dolphin
Greenland shark
Peary caribou
Tenebrio molitor
Quetzalcoatlus northropi
Western lowland gorilla
Saw-scaled viper
European hedgehog
Human pubic louse
Steller’s sealion
Mexican beaded lizard
Great bustard
Cyclops bicuspidatus
Peregrine falcon
Lesser flamingo
Chinese alligator
Maratus volans
Yellow-fin tuna
Smilodon populator
Carribean monk seal
Alligator snapping turtle
Asiatic cheetah
American mountain goat


This post is because women have to deal with creeps and sexists, not because of “normal” gameplay based toxicity… That’s obviously not gendered.


Idk, that Brazillian bird-eating spider sounds interesting now, not so much the Peary caribou as I first thought of :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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… naw this kind of post definitely is the type that would use that term.


I legitimately couldn’t decide on saying like women or female anndd was actually just hoping no one would mention it.

Cause to me it seems like a minscule thing also not sure which one works better for grammar purposes and which sounds better.


Apologies for the implication then. But Females is very weird when talking about women.

… or maybe it’s not now?

I am confused. I dunno… carry on I suppose.

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Just mute them bro, and play with friends only. that would fix your whole thing there.

I just laugh at them, really makes them more mad.

Everything they say, just laugh. Every single time they will either leave vc or just stop.

There’s that rare one who keeps trying and it just makes them look stupid.


What did you juss call me :face_with_monocle:

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This is how I treat most toxicity in game. If you smile while you play, you can find most things funny and silly. At least I do. Someone trash talks me? “hahaha you’re silly”.

Either shuts em up or makes em madder which is funnier. Gives them zero control over you or the situation.

Let go of your ego and this becomes extremely easy to do.


Ooooohhhh guuuuurlll

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